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    Major Complaints Thread

    Aw shite!!!!!! But glad you got your stuff back.
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    European and Local elections 2019

    How dare people with disabilities play football.
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    Remember mashups?

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    Thread for upcoming reissues of interest Ordered!!!!!!!!!
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    Thread for upcoming reissues of interest

    A 2nd volume planned for later in the year.
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    Major Complaints Thread

    Maybe I missed it. But what's the latest on this? Did you get in/get your gear back?
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    Minor complaints thread

    And as a result of listening to the other band who used the name,the imposter is recommended to me. Also worth noting,the band I listen to is a guitar based band,the one recommended is not.
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    Minor complaints thread

    This week's spotify imposters Sweet Giuda
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    What gig did you go to last night?

    Damn!!!! I was offered a free ticket bit I'm not a fan of oh sees. Had I known the support I would have went along
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    People Who Died

    Rowland Szaybo. Artist,and designer of many record sleeves,including British steel by Judas priest. I think he designed the logo too.
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    Bargains someone should buy.
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    Can we have a night theme

    Eirecore takeover
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    Thread for wacky shit.

    should be played through one of these
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    Bargains someone should buy.
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    Major Complaints Thread

    That's kind of pointless then
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    The 'share a song you can't stop playing' thread

    Crazy that I never did see them
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    Thread for wacky shit.

    Nah,he's just a midget. Anyway
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    Thread for upcoming reissues of interest

    I have the Guns N Wankers 7"s so luckily don't need to purchase,but what a great band. This version of the lp has all the songs from all four 7"s as opposed to the previous incomplete one...
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    Major Complaints Thread

    Her parents must be going through a thousand hells. But even the accused boys parents must be in hell too. And of course,here we are talking about it.
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    Major Complaints Thread

    Honestly,I was going to comment on this too. I have so far resisted. I thought there was supposed to be some kind of ban on reporting about it as well? or is there an easy way round that for the newspapers?