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    Sick On The Bus. The Underground. April 20th

    old underground was where lapellos is, new underground is down towards brogans a bit....
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    New Video from The Nilz

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    What gig did you go to last night?

    dragster in fibbers
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    Inside No. 9

    have it recorded....
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    Fontaines DC

    choon. idles were singing their praises on stage last night...
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    What gig did you go to last night?

    king kong company in the olympia. terrific.
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    Cosy! Only €700! In Sutton!

    seen it all now....
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    I am a proud Craft Beer convert -- the Hipsters were right.

    brewdog elvis juice...
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    D.O.A July 20. The Thomas House

    it was a pretty short set tho, right??
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    Paranoid Visions & Steve Ignorant - Now And Then...!

    production quality of the record is superb too...
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    Green Room

    didn't like it at all at all, too many gigantic plot holes, very hard to hear what was being said (ifi), plus the levels of gore i was expecting never arrived..
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    NTL / UPC / Virgin Media Broadband

    cheers, pete, those free upgrades that used to pop up from time to time must be a thing of the past now. don't watch enough tellybox to pay more for horizon and get the upgrade....
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    NTL / UPC / Virgin Media Broadband

    can existing customers get any of these speed upgrades for free, like we used to be able to in years gone by??
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    NTL / UPC / Virgin Media Broadband

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    The HMD Radio Show

    coolio, with evil filtering of course, wouldn't be a rock show otherwise....
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    The HMD Radio Show

    you should put up a pic of the bottles of beers you are reviewing each week, so it would make it easier to recognise in a pub/offy...
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    NTL / UPC / Virgin Media Broadband

    is horizon as a telly service any use? i have the 120Mbps option, and the on demand stuff is gash, shite box sets, fuck all new releases, assume they keep all the good shit for the horizoners??
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    What's your best drunk internet purchase?

    dee is a big omen fan isn't she?? sounds suspicious to me....
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    Windows 10

    does the current os have to be fully patched via windows update before the 10 download starts??
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    Salad Days Screening: July 24th

    yep, july 24, tix available july 1