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  1. JohnnyRaz

    question for current public/civil servants

    PS/CS folks - whats the current deal with increments? i worked in the PS for many years but was never actually entitled to them due to nature of contract. I understand they froze them over the last crash, and then reinstated them at 18mth intervals? are they still are 18 month intervals or is...
  2. JohnnyRaz

    sony a 6000 and lenses for sale

    may be of interest to some peeps - will obvs do a deal for the whole bunch. great little kit - PM if interested.. Sony 60mm 28 Art For Sony E Mount For Sale in Marino, Dublin from dlr records Sigma Art 19mm 28 Sony E Mount For Sale in Marino, Dublin from dlr records Sony A6000 Sigma 30mm 28...
  3. JohnnyRaz

    facebook ate my brain

    I deleted the facebook app from my phone yesterday. i feel like my brain has been liberated. fuck facebook. yours j. raz
  4. JohnnyRaz

    horslips question

    something Ive been trying to find. the melody played as the intro to trouble with a capital t - what is it? is it one of o'carolan's planxties?
  5. JohnnyRaz

    walton's georges st closing/moving to blanch

    end of an era, I remember when this was all just fields etc... soon to be replaced by a cafe/bar selling cocktails served from cats arses or something no doubt. waltons nostalgia inserted below..
  6. JohnnyRaz

    its friday, work is finishing, and i'm going on the beer like it was 2005

    thats it. see ya next week
  7. JohnnyRaz

    sending out crap for review - suggestions

    gentlefolk - is sending out physical copies of CD/Tape/wax cylinders to journos/bloggers much of thing anymore? if so any suggestions of who/where is worth kicking it on to? (as opposed to just emailing links - but that too) we all know 90% will just go in the bin, but I've been tilting at...
  8. JohnnyRaz

    band for launch gig(s) - folk-rockish oddments..

    probably on a hiding to nothing here, buh.. Ive been working on an album over the past while (a concept album no less), which is now ready to meet the world. As such I'd like to do a fe gig around the launch, as such I'd like to get a band together.. you can listen to album here.. its a...
  9. JohnnyRaz

    squier classic vibe 60s tele...

    one of these for sale rate for aging thumpeders can be discussed... @johnnystress (wrong decade??) Squier Classic Vibe Tele 60s For Sale in Marino, Dublin from dlr records
  10. JohnnyRaz

    duty on shite from merica

    gentlefolk - thinking of ordering something mid value from the states. good while since I last did so as an post/customs had gotten fairly tight re customs duty... is this still the case? or is it the merry free for all of the mid 2000's again?
  11. JohnnyRaz

    peak burrito?

    Ive noticed burrito bar ('el gringo') replacing subway in a centra/spar shop.. have we hit peak burrito? does this presage economic chaos ahead, like when we hit peak bagel in 06/07? has anyone called david mcwilliams?
  12. JohnnyRaz

    camera exchange on georges st closed!

    ah jaysus...... Dublin Camera Exchange i never really liked the place - but am sorry to see it go. hope the staff all find jobs elsewhere..... also - this subforum is a bit dead...
  13. JohnnyRaz

    record sniffing, the ones that got away....

    this has been spurred by the death of Mr. Bowie, and a post I saw on facebook about how record shops are putting up 2nd hand LP prices to match ebay.. are there any particular tales of amazing stuff that you let slip away out of ignorance/timing/bad luck? (please feel free to include tales of...
  14. JohnnyRaz

    connolly biography?

    yo - anyone can recommend a decent biography of james connolly? ideally something that threads the line between hero courageous/christian brother and revisionist takes? Ive leafed through the '16 lives' one and it seems to tend very much towards the former... any other books on the early irish...
  15. JohnnyRaz

    this makes me want to start taking photos again...

    Ive actually seen this guy at work (used to live in/close to this part of town) Dubliners: Eamonn Doyle's palpable portraits of a city lost in thought | Art and design | The Guardian what he's done reminds me of the sort of pictures I used to try to take, and makes me want to get the camera...
  16. JohnnyRaz

    snake oil mother fuckers pt II

    anyone see prime time last night? was about these chancers.. G2C - Genesis II Church of Health & Healing (Official) MMS, Jim Humble , G2C - GENESIS2CHURCH.IS
  17. JohnnyRaz

    Folk off - song club type band/effort/wankfest

    probably somewhat wasted here as all 10 current members of thumped are currently in bands (except pete) but//// have been thinking of getting a folk ish band together - as much for the sheer enjoyment of playing and singing fairly straightforward tunes. would be looking at some old...
  18. JohnnyRaz

    carbon monoxide canary

    genius or not? whos this designed to target?
  19. JohnnyRaz

    time machine question

    probably a fairly obvious one - but if I use time machine to migrate stuff onto a new mac, will the 3rd party applications transfer or only the files?
  20. JohnnyRaz

    THE HOLY SPARKS!!! “across the endless seas…” (DLR013)

    Hey boy/hey bananna... my bands new album. Insert scorn here.... THE HOLY SPARKS!!!; The Holy Sparks!!! are a trio obsessed with historical villains, dark shadows and eternal truths. A wide variety of instruments and influences are mixed to produce their sound, and they have recently...