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    B.Dolan - You Can Really Do This

    'I think as a white rapper I have a particularly unique responsibility, because of white privilege, white supremacy, the music industry and the history of black music in America' - Dave Donnelly talks art, activism, and growing up Irish-American with B.Dolan Read more...
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    God Is An Astronaut - I Guess It Was Just Too Different

    'I'm not interested in any of it anymore, as far as success is concerned. I just want to play music and see what happens' - Dave Donnelly talks to God Is An Astronaut's Torsten Kinsella. Continue reading...
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    Gemma Hayes - It Was A Good Pressure

    'If I tried to reach people solely on radio play, my music would never get heard' - Gemma Hayes talks crowdfunding, advertising and motherhood with Dave Donnelly Continue reading...
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    Shaun Ryder - There Were A Lot Of Nods And Winks

    'People really did think that my career was over, and it was great to keep our mouths shut and come back with a number one album' - Dave Donnelly chats with renowned Salford raconteur and bon vivant, Shaun Ryder Continue reading...
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    Sinéad O'Connor - It's Just The Sound Of A Person

    'I just love songs. I’m a hoor for songs' - Dave Donnelly talks romance, the stigma of mentall illness, and UFC with Sinéad O'Connor Continue reading...
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    We Cut Corners - Pop Music, Or Whatever You’d Call What We Do

    Ahead of their appearances at Indiependence & Castlepalooza last weekend, Dave Donnelly talked festivals, recording, and that difficult second album with John Duignan of We Cut Corners Continue reading...