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    Banana Bread

    If you're not veggie or vegan this one is divine
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    Paris is Burning!!!!

    Along with almost every other country in Europe. It was a bad time for Jews, or anyone else who wasn't Catholic. It was nearly destroyed during the French Revolution. I really hate how quickly certain types are trying to turn this into, simultaneously, a hate crime and a reason to engage in...
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    DUP voted against every single option presented to them. Points for consistency anyway. Maybe they need to rephrase the question so that "NO" is the right answer.
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    Vacancies in my place. Including 2 full time and one part time on my team. Current Vacancies
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    Happy Birthday, egg_

    Happy birthday, good egg_
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    Rees Mogg this morning "Brexit won't negatively impact the Belfast Agreement" - the WHAT agreement? Sure it won't impact the non-existent 'Belfast' agreement... but the recent increase in sectarian violence in Northern Ireland suggests that the Good Friday agreement is already feeling the...
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    Repeal The 8th Amendment

    Without question. After the first time she took the sticker off, but they still weren't satisfied.
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    Repeal The 8th Amendment

    A woman I know has had her tyres slashed twice, first just two tyres, then a few nights later all 4, this week. Two other cars in her estate were also targeted, the only thing they had in common? Pro Choice bumper stickers. There is no demonstration of love in the acts of the "love both"...
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    Repeal The 8th Amendment

    It's the Blue place, the Green place is actually legit as far as I know.
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    My child is doing my fucking head in

    Why would giving a mostly helpless little person who can't actually communicate "what they want" be a bad thing? Everyone gets more sleep when babies are being given exactly what they want. You can't spoil a baby.
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    Happy new year, jerks

    Happy New Year. 2018 wasn't all bad though... after all this happened
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    Your work situation

    I had planned to bring my kids in on Monday, but the 6 year old has chicken pox, and the baby could be infectious, so had to leave them at home. A few years ago they made the decision to close the office from Christmas Day through to New Years Day, it's great.
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    Quotes from your child

    I noticed a it of a gap between the boys front teeth so I asked him if his tooth was loose. (Pushing his tongue against it) Oh, yeah, it is wobbly, that's a relief, I thought I'd broken it a few days ago. You thought you'd broken your tooth and you didn't say anything. I didn't want to have to...
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    Your work situation

    Easiest commute since last Christmas Eve. I'm the most senior member of staff to have shown up this morning, none of the Directors have made an appearance, though three of them are supposed to be in. We're outta here at 12.
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    🎄 Happy Christmas Everyone 🎄

    Happy Christmas to you and yours Pete. And to all the rest of you too...
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    Your work situation

    How did you get on Gaz? Edit: just saw they wanted you to work party hours, feck that! A similar incident (before my time) is responsible for a permanent ban on Secret Santa in my current workplace. Fraught!
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    Put pictures of your sprogs here

    Squish and Puddin'
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    My child is doing my fucking head in

    That'll be the sleep dep.
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    My child is doing my fucking head in

    Hey, no offence taken. You're right, there is a difference, and there is a difference between what is appropriate at different ages. Trying to sleep train a baby in the middle of a development leap, for example, will only cause stress for everyone, while starting to train a baby near the end...