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  1. zehner

    Favourite TV shows of all time

    Glenroe Bosco Fair City
  2. zehner

    Living in Melbourne

    it's all handbags mate!!
  3. zehner

    Living in Melbourne

    why's he got you on ignore jrad?
  4. zehner

    Mad Men Season 2 Tonight bbc4

    great show about a small advertising company on madison avenue, new york. set in the 1950's check it out.
  5. zehner


    ya, i think the brit/irish channels are showing the shootings and motorcycle bashing. makes the viewers think the whole country is like a nicer version of troubles time Belfast the indian bombings have taken away some coverage so maybe the PAD will do some other crazy shit like expel all us...
  6. zehner


    ^ya, the thai smile doesn't last very long when they get pissed off. you get used to the tension here after a while....seems there are always power plays working under the surface in the political scene. when the king croaks the country is gonna be rightly fuct. i think it would be best to...
  7. zehner


    ^Lanta is a great spot. very chilled and nowhere near as developed as places like Phuket and Phi Phi. I wouldn't bother with Phuket at all to be honest....i think Krabi is far better. You can get a ferry from there to Lanta. Spent a day on Phi Phi last year....akin to a bloody human cattle...
  8. zehner


    ^where you off to next?
  9. zehner


    you won't need the license. they usually look for a passport i hired a ford ranger pick-up the last time i was down on ko lanta. about 1300baht a day. the thai drivers are a bit cracked but as long as you keep yer wits about you and try to avoid driving at night you'll be grand. the thais...
  10. zehner


    ^you should rent a car and drive up there. it's much more fun if you potter along on your own steam
  11. zehner


    phitsanoulok is a nice spot. not a hell of a lot to do mind you...we were a couple of weeks back. had a nice dinner on the river bank. wouldn't bother with lopburi at all. the monkeys are annoying little fuckers who'll steal everything you have. ayutthaya is a very nice spot. some would...
  12. zehner

    I have the horn for...

    .|..| she's a fine thing
  13. zehner

    the john fahey appreciation thread

    Fahey is the man! Guitar heaven and more class than a million Bob Dylan's lashed together with frayed strings
  14. zehner


    must be frustrating for the director. it's yer man who did "300" the flick will "enrich" a few alright ;)
  15. zehner

    I have the horn for...

    Christina Hendricks >> (Joan in Mad Men) yes please
  16. zehner

    NEW WATCHMEN TRAILER, THEY SPEAK... looks pretty tasty. pity that Alan Moore won't give it the time of day though!
  17. zehner

    Home of Metal

  18. zehner


    KL is boring. I spent a few days there back in August and wished i hadn't by the end of it. Singapore is a bit better but there isn't much to see there either. Great food of course in both cities but if you want some real action get yerself to Bangkok, Hanoi, Saigon or Phnom Penh. Much...
  19. zehner


    There are plenty of decent places on Soi Rambuttri (about 200 metres from the Khao San) The whole Khao San area is going up in price so it'd be hard to get a crappy mattress on the floor style job for 100 baht anymore
  20. zehner


    Yes. I got a wonderful education in Maynooth. Same place as you Billy?.