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  1. xsteox

    Hellworld Thread

    This Irexit investigation.
  2. xsteox

    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Day before. Also in Bohs FINNISH D-BEAT RAW NOISE EXPERIMENT 2 Jyväskylä Finland bands, 2 Dublin bands Doors 8pm Be sound Pay 8EUR YDINASEETON POHJOLA aka ”Nordics Without Nuclear Weapons” TUNKIO aka “Dungheap” DISGUISE...
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    Recently Purchased

    Godflesh. Songs of love and hate (lp)
  4. xsteox

    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Daughters. Grand social. 2/11. Chuffed with this one. Current album is a banger.
  5. xsteox

    Major Complaints Thread

    Yeah all our gear is there. We hope. Not sure who, building's been bought by vulture fund. So maybe them or new letting agency.
  6. xsteox

    Major Complaints Thread

    We've been locked out of our practice space.
  7. xsteox

    European and Local elections 2019

    got Greens, followed by labour and Fine gael:(
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Helmet. Are playing Button factory 7th oct.
  9. xsteox

    For Sale Few pedals for sale

    Sold a fair bit, have Mooer 01 ( Diezel Herbert) preamp, €70, radar (cab ir pedal)€90 and Baby bomb (30 watt mini pedal poweramp)€100 Amt P2 (Peavey 5150/6505) and E2 (Engl Powerball/Fireball) preamp pedal's) €100 each.
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    What television series are you currently making your way through?

    Good call. This is great.
  11. xsteox

    What gig did you go to last night?

    Hope collective is where I'm getting a lot of gigs from. Didn't get to last nights gig either, as I've horrible cold.
  12. xsteox

    What television series are you currently making your way through?

    If anyone else is watching this. Go to trailers & more. Watch the shorts. Especially for the current episode.
  13. xsteox

    What television series are you currently making your way through?

    American gods season 2. It's good, but they're still fleshing out a lot of the characters and their back grounds.
  14. xsteox

    What gig did you go to last night?

    Pozoga/ Deathgrip / World of difference in the Hut. Bar one gobshite, pretty good gig.
  15. xsteox

    Rotten Sound live in Belfast

    How did it go? Good turn out?
  16. xsteox

    Minor complaints thread

    Or worse. An instagram for menu, despite having a website.
  17. xsteox

    Harley Benton!

    No issues with the baritone electric I have.
  18. xsteox

    What movie did you watch last night?

    Just finished The dirt too. Was an enjoyable film, but, Clearly made so they look like drunken idiots rather than showing just how horrid they really must have been.
  19. xsteox

    Recently Purchased

    Plebeian grandstand. False highs, true lows (lp) Closet witch. s/t (lp) Megadeth. So far so good so what (lp) Slab! Descension (lp) Trap tem. Crown feral (lp) Woundvac. Disgraced convert (7") Succumb. punishment(7") Mugwart. Before you/fallen (7")
  20. xsteox

    Bargains you just bought.

    It plays really well. Neck is a little thick, simmilar to my Ibanez 7 string. Stock pups are ok. Not too hot, but I tend to run a lot of gain from amps/pedal so not a deal breaker. Worth it if your curious about baritone/fan fret guitars. Have it tuned to drop Ab