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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Last time I saw them was about 10 years ago, I doubt a lot's changed for them in that time.
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Tickets for that seem to be selling pretty poorly. Wouldn't mind seeing Metallica and Ghost but the thoughts of the journey there are enough to put me off.
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    The 'Bands I don't Get' thread

    I tried giving that Insecure Men album a go, the 1 that came out last year. Couldn't get into it. The vocals pretty much ruined it for me.
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Russian Circles are playing 8th August in the Button Factory
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    Minor Pleasures

    I just found out I'm getting a promotion too very soon. Well, a temporary acting 1, but still happy out with that.
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    2019 albums worth a listen.....

    I really hate the way people try and outdo each other by finding the most obscure shit possible for this thread.
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    That could be fun. They're pretty decent what I've heard
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    People Who Died

    I remember that, it was great. I was also very drunk. Good times
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    Learn guitaring offa the Youtube-Its a GOLDMINE!

    I'd be in near enough the same boat as yourself in that I can't imagine having a huge amount of use for it but I did find doing it gave me bit of a shake up technique wise.
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    Learn guitaring offa the Youtube-Its a GOLDMINE!

    Yeah, I think having someone that you go to once a week makes a big change, gives a bit of focus.
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    Learn guitaring offa the Youtube-Its a GOLDMINE!

    Here's a reply 5 years later but I've been using this guy's videos. There's some really good beginners exercises that I've been finding quite useful.
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    Fontaines DC

    Aye, if you ask me not enough music critics are doing that.
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    Nialler9 Hates Trad People

    I’m actually finding this to a certain degree with album reviews as well. I’m starting to get a bit of a pain in me hole with overly analytical album reviews that try and find something problematic with every single piece of music. It’s possible that I’m just reading too much Pitchfork.
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    Hopeworld Thread

    Absolutely not, we need them for nettle stings
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    Setting up a guitar

    I'm looking at trying to set up the intonation and action on my new guitar. Can anyone recommend any tools that I should get? (eg string action gauges, files, or do i need of this stuff?)
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    Me and my kids made up a song

    I would but this is the closest thing I have to social media these days. And you've already shared it.
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    Me and my kids made up a song

    That's savage.
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    I didn't realise the Strokes were still going. On an upcoming gigs note, I'm going to go see the Ocean in Voodoo next Friday. They sound decent.
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    Minor Meh's

    I've listened to bits and pieces the odd time and find it grand. Somebody once described him as Oprah for Bro's
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    Clothes and haircuts

    There is. When you're sitting at home with a couple of cans watching family guy reruns. They're not great for when you have to go meet people in public.