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  1. east hastings

    i know fight like apes and they are sound

  2. east hastings

    i know fight like apes and they are sound

    how's come i can't delete or edit this anymore?
  3. east hastings

    Steve Albini?Like ..who?

    edit: thought i seen something about a big black reformed thing but it was a joke
  4. east hastings

    i know fight like apes and they are sound

    A number of other Irish band got offered the same deal, which they turned down cause it was pretty shit. Publishing deal of some sort as opposed to a record deal. From what i heard, Universal (think it's them), got the money from that vodafone ad which used LG's music. edit: probably delete...
  5. east hastings

    i know fight like apes and they are sound

    gonna share this one
  6. east hastings

    i know fight like apes and they are sound

    re: the thread title seen Jamie from them walking through temple bar the other week, i said hi but he just ignored me
  7. east hastings

    Phantom FM to rebrand as K-Roq

    probably him or another member of the band. Same as Hotpress, the only people that buy it are bands wondering if they got mentioned
  8. east hastings

    Stars Of The Lid, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh - National Concert Hall, 9th October

    short video of the dublin gig on their facebook. can't say i really noticed that moog very much edit: this video gives an idea of the sounds he was making with the moog
  9. east hastings

    Do me a favour

    i thought navan schools were alright? that's what i heard growing up in the fine schools of Kells. Although that could've just been from the navan lads that came down to beat us up
  10. east hastings

    Harbo "Niall" Harbison

    they're paying him to give advice, one of which was to work with his companies Top notch cowboy to be fair
  11. east hastings

    peak burrito?

    cherish these moments
  12. east hastings

    Harbo "Niall" Harbison

    naw i'd happily take Harbo over Leo. Like Harbo is a bit of a cunt, while Leo is a cunt. How do you do polls on this thing?
  13. east hastings

    David Pajo

    do you pronounce the J in Pajo?
  14. east hastings

    Radiohead - In Rainbows (2007)

    where you there in Darraghs when i was giving out about this album and everyone else disagreed with me
  15. east hastings

    Favorite Cover Version

    this has ruined my day
  16. east hastings

    HMV's fucked

    did you see him in the olympia around 10 years ago, where his whole set consisted of the entirety of that album plus one song off Love is Hell pt.2? I think he may have got booed, i know for definite a girl came over to me at the end and asked me "was that gig really shit or was it just me?"
  17. east hastings

    HMV's fucked

    i'd want another 50% off that price for that album
  18. east hastings

    peak burrito?

    it was Darragh that spotted it first
  19. east hastings

    peak burrito?

    There's a burrito place opening in my hometown, it has a population of 5,000 which seems far to small to sustain the want for burritos