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  1. shower another shower

    People Who Died

    I read your signature as "Egon filled solo project listenable at Screamingparent"
  2. shower another shower

    Tickets Wanted Body and Soul 2015

    If anyone knows of anyone selling a single ticket, I'll take it. It's for my son. I was there 2 years ago and was spiked with ketamine and it's the last place I'd want to be, but the youngflah has his heart set on it. Cheers.
  3. shower another shower

    Your Health Is Your Wealth

    I suffered from gout for years. One sure fire way to set it off is a mild injury.
  4. shower another shower

    Your Health Is Your Wealth

    could it be gout?
  5. shower another shower

    Life After Art

    this is it. truth.
  6. shower another shower

    music documentaries

  7. shower another shower

    Cooking Tips & Tricks

    I got one of these for christmas a year ago too. Didn't use it at first, but if I'm making a load of guac, its deadly. Trick is to wash it straight away.
  8. shower another shower

    Dublin All Dayer

    I'm not punk and I suck at making posters. What else needs to be done? Surely I can do something.
  9. shower another shower

    Your work situation

    backbreaking kitchen work about 20 hours a week and only ending up with about 100e. Race to the bottom. Still beats sitting at home going mental. Thats what we say in the country. still, hard work for very little for a 46yo man that has some skills, a bad back and isn't stupid. Sure, better...
  10. shower another shower

    Minor Pleasures

    the greys are always longer, buh.
  11. shower another shower

    Minor Pleasures

    8" grey hair just came out of my beard when I was combing and tonic'ing.
  12. shower another shower

    Minor complaints thread

    trying to ditch Facebook but loads of people I like a lot keep friending me up. I unfriend about a dozern a month, but keep getting drawn back.
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    forget how much it costs. The taste is lovely.
  14. shower another shower


    smoking a lot these days, thinking about cutting back a bit. can't say it all that healthy.
  15. shower another shower


    Yea, so I picked up one of these in Carlow of all places. smoking by biscuit is deadly.
  16. shower another shower


    Did I already mention that I split my own wood everyday? Sycamore, it is.
  17. shower another shower


    didn't know I was supposed to. had my hair cut today, which included my sideburns. Hadn't cut anything since April. Might look into trimming the tache. Maybe get rid of it altogether. Already get Jew, Amish or Jihadi every day. Would make my mustache wax obsolete except for my soul patch...
  18. shower another shower


    sure, it's hair. it grows itself. thanks, though.
  19. shower another shower


    a beard is not just for fads. I'm cold and I chop my own wood. #lumbersexual