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  1. Theseus Mock

    Minor complaints thread

    Rich dairy-laden & junk food: spuds à la Joel Robuchon (2:1 ratio of potato to butter), custards, creme brulee, ice-cream, protein powder, crisps, biscuits. Ask your GP for a prescription of Fortisip.
  2. Theseus Mock

    The Strypes broke up

    CWB - Management, Production, Reckless Records Two of them becoming actors.
  3. Theseus Mock

    unlocking phones

    Unlock My Phone
  4. Theseus Mock

    New Weezer

  5. Theseus Mock

    Comments on Youtube

  6. Theseus Mock

    Don't ever play a gig without an agreed price

    Supporters only.
  7. Theseus Mock

    Minor complaints thread

  8. Theseus Mock

    Other Voices

    He got an intern I believe.
  9. Theseus Mock

    Cosy! Only €700! In Sutton!

    The 'BE HAPPY' trinket/sign really makes this special.
  10. Theseus Mock

    Other Voices

    So they haven't been paying ANY Irish (or otherwise) bands then? Please release the hounds.
  11. Theseus Mock

    Other Voices

    This is the (current hate) context?
  12. Theseus Mock

    Harbo "Niall" Harbison

    I *think* it’s because they don’t appear as ads but as normal FB posts. You’re none the wiser with regard to it being a highly targeted paid post.
  13. Theseus Mock

    Harbo "Niall" Harbison

    What’s a ‘dark Facebook ad’? Some scammy way of doing FB ads for GROWTH HACKING?
  14. Theseus Mock

    What Twitter pile on are you watching right now

    Does he do the public ‘circle of shame’ busking thing anymore?
  15. Theseus Mock

    The WTF Thread

    I take it you didn’t go to Wellfest earlier this Summer? WellFest - Ireland's largest health, fitness and wellness festival Smugfest more like.
  16. Theseus Mock

    Celebrity Creeps Thread

    An update:
  17. Theseus Mock

    Weezer - Weezer (1994)

    LOVE this record, Pinkerton and the Green album. My interest in has kinda waned since. Would love to have seen the Blackhole demos get the proper studio treatment.
  18. Theseus Mock

    Presidential Election 2018

  19. Theseus Mock

    New Animal Collective album in August

    Never anything too prominent but that new record is like they went out of their making sure none snuck in.
  20. Theseus Mock

    New Animal Collective album in August

    Scrubbed through this. Awful. Void of any beat.