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  1. Diddles

    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Skatalites, 16th July in the Button Factory
  2. Diddles

    Paris is Burning!!!!

    I didn't like Paris when I visited so am not particularly bothered about it.
  3. Diddles

    The Thumped Motoring Forum

    Just got my campervan back from the garage today. It has been there since the 19TH OF SEPTEMBER . He's been very busy he said.
  4. Diddles

    Ticket Swap All Together Now tickets

    If anyone has one weekend ticket going or hear of anyone selling one will yiz think of me please? Bought a camper van ticket and meant to buy the other ticket when I had the cash but then they were sold out :(
  5. Diddles


    I'm now openly wearing my Brits Out badge because I fucking hate them so much.
  6. Diddles

    Minor Pleasures

    I went mad and paid for a vpn to get BBC iPlayer. I've just watched tonight's Luther and the new Les Miserables series. I only have broadband and aerial telly these days, really missed the beeb!
  7. Diddles


    Jean Claude Juncker taking the piss out of it has been the highlight of my year
  8. Diddles

    Minor Pleasures

    They used to have a curry noodle Quick Lunch back in the day which was just divine but you can't seem to get them anymore. They have a curry rice one which is also delish though.
  9. Diddles

    Minor Pleasures

    I had two Knorr Quick Lunches - for dinner! Love a Knorr Quick Lunch.
  10. Diddles

    My child is doing my fucking head in

    I'm not allowed watch AntMan and the Wasp because he wants to watch it with me, even though he's seen it and I haven't. I have to wait until he's free on Wednesday. So I'm watching a documentary on BBC4 about people digging up old landfills and going through the rubbish in them. FFS.
  11. Diddles

    Festivals that allow teenagers

    Just lie!
  12. Diddles

    I have the horn for...

    The one on the left. Although I'd probably ride the other one in anyways. I have also accidentally included this image in a zip file I just sent to my accountant.
  13. Diddles

    The Thumped Motoring Forum

    Cars I have owned: Fiat Uno - No power steering, like driving a bus. Honda City - Jap import, small car, massive wheels, great on corners, got totalled by a stolen car when parked outside the house one night. Think that episode of Father Ted. Opel Astra - saloon with a roofrack, was always...
  14. Diddles

    Culture Night

    I don't know, but every time I think about Culture Night, I sing the song Judgment Night from the movie of the same name and replace 'Judgment' with 'Culture'.
  15. Diddles

    Your Health Is Your Wealth

    Ah stop, you're grand! I didn't think that at all! Thanks for the good thoughts x
  16. Diddles

    Your Health Is Your Wealth

    Unforch two of my brothers died from ruptured brain aneurysms , but the lads in Beaumont think mine might be outside my brain which makes it survivable in the event of it rupturing. I have to have a brain angiogram in November to get more info but if it's inside my brain they'll pack it with...
  17. Diddles

    Your Health Is Your Wealth

    Ah thanks all, it's my second time around with the cancer, I had it three years ago but it's back for more. I'm just milking it with the aneurysm thing, it's only small.
  18. Diddles

    Your Health Is Your Wealth

    Well, in my more fanciful moments I actually think I was cursed by the Cailleach Beara on Slieve Gullion for letting the dog swim in her lake.
  19. Diddles

    Your Health Is Your Wealth

    Don't want to rain on your parade but I used my folks as a yardstick for my longevity and it's really not working out at all. My mam lived until 70 and my dad got to 80, both were raging alcos and my dad was a very heavy smoker and a stranger to vegetables. So I thought I was pretty much...
  20. Diddles

    Minor complaints thread

    I always leave nice guest reviews as I feel I'm the better person if they leave me a crap one. I never ask anyone for a review when they are checking out, I just leave it up to them, my heart is always in my mouth when I get a notification that they've written one. Got some private feedback...