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  1. eoinzy2000


    Picked up my G&L legacy for practice again tonight. Back to main axe again. Tele still class, but switching back for a while. Have a powerblade bridge humbucker ordered for it, won't be here for 3 months, but can't wait! Would love a proper 90s ASAT though. Amp wise, would love a HRD. Have an...
  2. eoinzy2000

    What Book Did You Read Last Night???

    Read Slaughterhouse 5 - Kurt Vonnegut. Twas grand like. It's my new and vibrant re-entry into the literary world. I intend putting down the decking phone and reading like fook for a while. Took 4 days to read, so I suppose that's a good sign. Either that or it's short and easy to read!
  3. eoinzy2000

    Repeal The 8th Amendment

    Tim (not) nice but dim casting Donegal in a bad light again. I suspect a big no up here anyway, backward fuckers mostly. Shame
  4. eoinzy2000

    Recommend me some Jazz

    Don Cherry - Brown Rice. Just got told about this at the weekend by John. Its fookin class.
  5. eoinzy2000

    My child is doing my fucking head in

    I remember a holiday a few years back, when the now 10 year old cried all day every day about walking, eating, shitting pissing, swimming, fucking everything. fucking wrecked the whole holiday with incessant whinging, and now talks about the holiday as the best he was ever on. UNREAL
  6. eoinzy2000

    My child is doing my fucking head in

    I get that. Although its the 6 yr old that does it. 10 year old will argue and usually win an extra 5/10 mins. 6 yr old will just cry through the 5/10 mins extension, then cry harder when the extension is up, for probably another 10 mins. Better than moping about, yearning for their leaba and...
  7. eoinzy2000

    My child is doing my fucking head in

    The thought "I could be at work now" passed through my head over the christmas break. I still feel guilty about it.
  8. eoinzy2000

    thinking of getting a Hot Rod Deluxe

    I got one of them Moose phase 90's for christmas. Its class. Clean and clear. Also an ABY. I dont know how I survived without using 2 amps for years, although I can never see me bringing 2 amps out for anything. just for my garage and craics.
  9. eoinzy2000

    What gig did you go to last night?

    Went to Belfast on the Sunday too. The lack of Mike Watts band was a definite downside. Shellac class of course, but the Tivoli the night before was Brillo, largely due to Mike watt also being there.
  10. eoinzy2000

    Hey Radiohead..Go Fuck Yourself!!

    Just skimmed through it there. The trouble with irregular dipping in n out of thumped.! This version can definitely be shut down in favour it's coherent predecessor
  11. eoinzy2000

    Hey Radiohead..Go Fuck Yourself!!

  12. eoinzy2000

    Hey Radiohead..Go Fuck Yourself!!

    Oh dear. Ok. You win. Let's be friends and let's all stay calm. This is a bit too intense for a thumped forum, unless the intensity has dramatically increased since I was on last. Let's not go crazy now. It's only a discussion forum. I didn't mean to upset you.
  13. eoinzy2000

    Hey Radiohead..Go Fuck Yourself!!

    Haha. The irony.
  14. eoinzy2000

    Hey Radiohead..Go Fuck Yourself!!

    Dunno. Prob wouldn't really give a fuck tbh. Hopefully they'd have killed the moany fuckers during a gig.
  15. eoinzy2000

    Hey Radiohead..Go Fuck Yourself!!

  16. eoinzy2000

    Hey Radiohead..Go Fuck Yourself!!

    Eno said it himself, improving the situation for both Palestinians and Israelis. Sticking to the 'music transcends" line, as bolloxy as you may perceive it, is in my view playing to all regardless of government policy. Such overbearing pressure to do what you want them to do only convinces me...
  17. eoinzy2000

    Minor complaints thread

    I don't think anyone will get knocked out. I think it'll be another Mayweather borefest where they both walk away with hundreds of millions, slapping each other on the back for the genius racist and moronic comments that infinitely raised fight profile
  18. eoinzy2000

    Hey Radiohead..Go Fuck Yourself!!

    Fuck sakes, when did music become a fucking political crow bar?
  19. eoinzy2000

    Multi FX Pedals

    Looks pretty nifty