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  1. ernesto

    Google..getting sketchier by the nanosecond

    Oh cool, all my orders! Starving now thanks Pete / google
  2. ernesto

    adios silver jews

    I’ll have to re-listen And give it more of a chance I think coz I usually love his stuff
  3. ernesto

    adios silver jews

    For a man of such talent, it’s really...... not great. It sounds like someone absolutely monged at 5am with an out of tune guitar that they are now too fucked to play properly, mumbling into a dictaphone. Genuinely, that’s what I’m hearing. Has he had a breakdown or something?
  4. ernesto

    adios silver jews

    has he forgotten how to play music?
  5. ernesto

    Thread for wacky shit.

    Looks absolutely awful
  6. ernesto

    What gig did you go to last night?

    It’s grand. I believe Vinnycake is the contact there now
  7. ernesto

    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Aye, front door and back door.... Or two front doors I suppose
  8. ernesto

    Minor complaints thread

  9. ernesto

    The Uninhabitable Ireland

  10. ernesto

    European and Local elections 2019

    Apparently a nice fellah. Slogan kind of struck me as a bit possibly sketchy as well. I’ve been told he’s referring to himself being a ‘salt of the earth’ type ‘true Dub’ type thing. Not so sure about that angle.
  11. ernesto

    The Uninhabitable Ireland

    My girlfriends sister teaches at a school that gives two plastic bottles of water to every kid, every school day. She did the maths and the kids couldnt believe it.... 20,000 empty plastic bottles a year.... Jesus fuck like, rectifying basic shit like that across the country would be a start...
  12. ernesto

    Minor complaints thread

    Yeah t’wasnt the most salubrious of venues. Did you leave them in an unattended bag or jacket? Fuckin pricks, regardless
  13. ernesto

    Minor complaints thread

    Ah shite. How / where?
  14. ernesto

    Happy Birthday, JohnnyRaz

    Happy birthday chief
  15. ernesto

    European and Local elections 2019

    Jesus wept
  16. ernesto

    Don't know where else to put this

  17. ernesto

    Bored in Work 878

    Hello Seanc! How could you possibly forget how to use one of those phones?!
  18. ernesto

    Bored in Work 878

    Jesus fuck
  19. ernesto

    Racism in Ireland

    People in a chat group I’m in genuinely don’t think there’s a problem with it because they don’t consider the child black. WTF
  20. ernesto

    Major Complaints Thread

    What were you doing to manage that!?