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  1. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    ICANN domain renewal

    just got an email from this crowd telling me i need to renew my domain name (which i do) the email was sent via who are my hosting company. question is, is it legit?
  2. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    Flash on an Android phone

    Recently got an android phone but it won't display embedded flash elements on websites such as soundcloud. How do I get flash working on the phone? It's a samsung galaxy ace in case that's any help.
  3. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    that dude who used to busk on grafton st

    back in the 90's there was this american dude in his late 40's/early 50's who used to always be busking on grafton st. Played the blues but he had some device he built that fitted over the strings of his guitar that let him pick the strings. Jacob biscuits used him and one of his songs for a...
  4. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    Millenium MPS100 Electric Drumkit

    yo I'm selling this as it's not being used and I need the space. (from thomann) Complete electronic drum set containing a Millenium E-Drum module with 215 Sounds, 10 user programmable drum kits, metronome, 50 play-along rhythms/songs, MIDI Out, aux-in for CD players...
  5. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    Didot Font

    anyone have a PC version of the Didot font? thanks
  6. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    external hard drive enclosure

    my dads external hard drive has fallen apart. one of the screws at the back has come loose so the casing has to be pushed into place. when plugged in the pc recognises theres a drive there but thats about it. you cant click into it. i guess its fried? is it possible to buy a new enclosure for...
  7. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    data recovery software

    i recently realised a folder of photos (of serious sentimental value) i thought id backed up, i had in fact deleted off my laptop. does anyone know of any software out there that can deep scan your computers harddrive for deleted files/folders. i would have deleted them about a month ago. thanks...
  8. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    voice dictation software

    my dads gone back to college to do his doctorate and he's got a load of minidisc's laying around with hours of interviews that he needs transcribing. is it possible to dictate via mic into something like ms word?
  9. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    graphics card

    yo i know fuck all bout them but i think i need to upgrade my graphics card for my laptop. this is the spec of the laptop CPU: 2.0-GHz Intel Pentium T4200 Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit RAM/Expandable to: 4GB/4GB Hard Drive Size/Speed: 320GB/5,400 rpm Optical Drive: 8X DVD...
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    2 days till retirement

    looking for a retirement gift for someone. obviously nothing says enjoy your retirement than a carriage clock, any other suggestions?
  11. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    asking for a pay rise

    should i be standing up or sitting down?
  12. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    oasis *sad face

    oh noez, noelz left.
  13. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    choppers over d8

    wtf choppers been buzzing over clanbrassil st for the last 40 minutes now. THIS IS SO EXCITING! i can't sleep.
  14. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    star wars saga

    i'm showing someone all 6 star wars movies this weekend, they've seen the last three but not the original trilogy. should i show them the special editions or the originals? thanks gamesmaster!
  15. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    contact for sexypornolady

    anyone know how i can get in touch with her. want to get her out of retirement and back into the studio to record a followup to sweaty. :heart:
  16. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    getting ripped for summer

    yo does anyone know of any decent gyms around dublin city centre? i wanna be glistening for electric picnic...
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    whickers world

    anyone been watching this lately? tuned in last week and thought i was watching a time trumpet esque show. never heard of it before, pretty groundbreaking stuff. YouTube - Whicker's World - Monty Python
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    theres been a bang of beef the last two days in and around griffith avenue.
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    how much does a dvd and case weigh?

    thrilling thread but i need to know. havnt any scales with me.
  20. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    fred falke

    anyone into this guy? been on a total fred falke kick lately. he used to collaborate with alan braxe on a lotta remixes but apparently went out on his own cause alan braxe was dead weight. picked up that upper cuts album recently, well worth checking out. hope he plays here soon.