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    People Who Died

    Booo. I still love Headquarters. Such a great album.
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    All Together Now

    Aye, it was that one. Some really good stuff on there, like Mirror Monster. I really like Offend Maggie myself, Friend Opportunity's great too.
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    All Together Now

    I thought with all the talk about them they were going to be playing this festival. The last album I really enjoyed by them was La Isla Bonita, it's a great album. They've done 2 more since that haven't really made any impression on me. I was a bit late to the whole deerhoof thing so only saw...
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    Nialler9 Hates Trad People

    I read it the same way as @egg_ . But then the first thing people say when they meet me is how much of an arrogant cunt I am.
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    Celebrity Creeps Thread

    I never got in to him (excuse the double entendre). It's time like this I'm lucky that there's loads of music I missed out on over the last 2 decades or so.
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    New Weezer

    If they played here again I'd probably go see them. Their last gig in the Point was fantastic.
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    New Weezer

    I made it as far as the red album. And a lot of that was pretty ropey. I did enjoy the covers album. Rivers still has a great voice.
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    That's lovely.
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    Will do. Still not fully used to hearing myself singing.
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    Sound, thanks Gaz. I'm from the midlands too so maybe that's why we sound similar. Sure, I'll keep plugging away at it.
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    I'm trying to do this thing where I record 1 track a week for the next year (originals, covers, whatever) as way of encouraging myself to finish out a bunch of ideas that I've started on and never done anything with. Here's 2 of them. It's just me and a guitar after the kids have gone to bed and...
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    treble post
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    double post
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    2019 albums worth a listen.....

    Been listening to this a bit over the last few days. It's deadly.
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Fuck I want to go. God knows when I'll get to see them again.
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    The Academy

    I'm 5'6" and hardly ever get asked for id if that helps.
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    I finally bought it, it’s fucking sweet
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    What was it like seeing Batman in theaters in 1989?

    That’s because it was
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    Comments sections on news sites

    Thumped's different though.
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    Comments sections on news sites

    They're probably the same lads that put up the same comment when there's any sort of car accident, before any facts have been released "Religion of peace eh?" Every. Fucking. Time. Breaking News got rid of their comments section. Anyways, my advice is don't read comments sections And...