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  1. Sufi

    Babysitter Rates

    Our babysitter charges about €8 an hour. We give her a little bit more if we are hellishly late/drunk when we get home.
  2. Sufi

    Dublin Bus aint running

    Why dont you try and get the cheap online train tickets? You might be lucky and get one for a tenner each way. I wouldnt risk the bus. Imagine being stranded in Cork. Nightmare :)
  3. Sufi

    Dozens Of Men Queue To Shake Convicted Rapist's Hand.

    The whole thing is disgusting. At a time when all the horrific details about clerical sex abuse comes out and we silently hope that this sort of thing would never happen again a small shit village mentality rears its ugly head and shows us that we haven’t come far at all. I heard yer man's...
  4. Sufi

    The School of Saatchi

    Na I watched it the old fashioned way.
  5. Sufi

    The School of Saatchi

    Do you think her and yer man who came 2nd were shagging. I bet they were. She gave him her studio for a year the dirty slut.
  6. Sufi

    Avatar - James Cameron

    I heard a reviewer this morning call it Dances with wolves: In space.
  7. Sufi

    Another dole question

    Rent allowance is a means tested payment so if your means are below a certain amount then you should qualify. You should also be renting for 6 months out of the previous 12 months...
  8. Sufi

    Civil Partnership Bill

    Thats so true. I dont want my upcoming marriage being devalued by another loving couple who happen to be of the same sex getting married on the same day.
  9. Sufi

    Civil Partnership Bill

    What are people so afraid of. That giving same sex couples equal rights will in some way encourage people to be gay?
  10. Sufi

    Swine Flu Jabs for under 5's

    Has anyone gotten their kids done yet?
  11. Sufi

    mobile in country with no coverage?

    Why dont you just let go of your phone for the weekend and pre-arrange meetings. Or maybe go really old skool.
  12. Sufi


    Saw this film a few days ago. Really great, one of the most magical films I've seen in ages.
  13. Sufi

    expectant parents of thumped

    Newborns need very little. Clothes, Buggy, place to sleep, Breast\bottle. For a buggy id say get a lightweight one that folds up easily. I know so many parents who have gotten big travel systems and have stopped using them after a few months and gotten a stroller. Oh and don’t buy too much...
  14. Sufi

    Glassed on St Stephens Green - jaysus!

    Thats awful. As far as I know you make a statement and that statement along with the Gardai report is sent to the DPP they then decide the merits of the case whether its worth taking it to court or not. Given that there were plenty of witnesses and it was totally unprovoked i'd say you have...
  15. Sufi

    Being "touched" per say on public transport!

    why did your hairdresser do it? Did the person have amazing hair?
  16. Sufi

    The snip

    there are many things that would have been easier in that situation. Her dad was always a bit of a Knob guess he had comitted himself to thinking that his wife was a cheating slag.
  17. Sufi

    The snip

    A friend of mine's mum got pregnant about 8 years after her last kid. This caused huge ructions in the house because the dad had had the snip and he accused her of having an affair. It was tense times in the house till the baby was born and a paternity test was done. Turns out that it was all...
  18. Sufi

    Being "touched" per say on public transport!

    I was on a really packed bus and I felt something going through the back of my hair. I turned round and the guy just smiled at me like nothing was out of the ordinary. It was only when I got off that my friend who was squished a few people behind us told me that he had actually run his...
  19. Sufi

    Dad branded a pervert for taking pictures of his own children.

    I was out in sandycove a few months ago and there were loads of kids (including my own) paddling in the sea starkers. It was totally fine.
  20. Sufi

    Fleet Foxes in Vicar Street

    Loved the gig last night. Saw them in the picnic the night before and they were fantastic but you cant compare it to Vicar street. The only thing that got on my tits was the idiot beside me who kept insisting on shouting up at them.