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  1. theoootini

    walnut table top eurorack modular synth case + power based in Dublin.
  2. theoootini

    FS Boss eh-2
  3. theoootini

    awesome portable speaker

    have had one of these for the last month of two. really decent sound, amazing battery life. perfect for your weekends away and whatnot.|..|.
  4. theoootini

    put your synths through your pedals properly.

    have been annoyed for ages with how shit synth stuff sounded going straight into pedals. found this cheap and cheerful reamp solution. awesome bit of kit. industrious types could just grab the transformer and hook this up with...
  5. theoootini

    BER certs for rental houses?

    anyone move house recently in dublin towen? do most place have BER certs these days? what's an average decent rating to look for? C?
  6. theoootini

    FT KORG MINI KP - got a phaser pedal?

    Swapped off someone but have no use for it at all. comes with slim protective bag and 4.5 v power supply. i'll throw in rca>mono 1/4 jack if it'll sweeten the deal. looking for a phaser pedal, but open to anything at all really. don't need a delay pedal.
  7. theoootini

    commodore 64 fans! sammichSID synth for sale if you're on osx, you can even play every SID tune ever directly through it with this: you could be overlord dj SID or whatevs.|..|.
  8. theoootini

    recommend me a decent wireless router

    our five year old cheap as hell belkin router is dropping signal like a toddler drops biscuits. no rhyme or reason, and the router has to be reset everytime. driving herself to distraction. so i'm in the market for a new router. any tips? 100 euro enough to get a decent one? no need for a...
  9. theoootini

    rolling back this poxy version of android

    2.3.6 on htc desire s. there are at least two criminally unusable "usability" improvements on this poxy version of android. do i have to jump through hoops to roll back? is there an unfuck shit up button? BARGH.
  10. theoootini

    broadsheet and about 5 years behind the meta-curve
  11. theoootini

    moar january clear out - shruthi-1 SammichFM synths for sale
  12. theoootini

    monome grayscale 64 - FS
  13. theoootini

    sammichFM midibox FM diy synth

    looks pretty sweet, 4 op FM synth based on the yamaha OLP3 chip from those old soundblaster soundcards. there's a couple of kits left in the current batch.
  14. theoootini

    FS - WTPA 8 bit midi sampler diy midi sampler. 150 bones.
  15. theoootini

    boss df-2 super feedbacker and distortion pedal FS

    mad distortion, and hold down the pedal for kEEERAZZY drone action. not a scratch on it, and i have the original box. looking for cashy waash yall.
  16. theoootini

    FS/FT - casper electronics drone lab

    built one of these a year ago along with a bunch of other thumped peeps. it makes a monsta monsta drone. not really using it anymore, and i've sampled a bunch of drones so there you go. hit me up with offers. it's in perfect nick (slight crack on faceplate - can post pics) and works perfectly...
  17. theoootini

    unique diy synth stolen - please have a look.

    i lent my little 10 year cousin a synth i built for a school project he was doing about techno (i know right -.|..|). he accidentally left it in the school and it was swiped over easter. he's really gutted that it was stolen and so am i. it's not worth much to anyone but me really. it's a...
  18. theoootini

    power supply for multiple guitar pedals

    sick and tired of dodgy snakes cables and loads of stupid wall warts. can anyone recommend a decent PSU for 6-8 pedals? looking at this: any use?
  19. theoootini

    ViSIONAiR - eps

    anyone else feeling these eps? have to say, they're my favourite irish musics to come out in quite a while...
  20. theoootini

    FS novation super bass station rack synth

    anyone? decent synth so it is.