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    anybody have any photos of metallers in ireland in the 80s/early 90s that i could possibly include in a documentary?
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    custom built midi keyboard.

    does such a thing exist? does anyone on here have the knowledge to even customize one? I basically need a 25 or 32 key board with pitch bend, semi weighted keys velocity etc. is this doable? even could I say, take an axiom 25 and gut it? want something really basic that won't take up...
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    blackout in town-wicklow street area.

    so, im working away here and the shop is fairly busy, then all of a sudden, WHAP. total blackout. no windows in this shop. 'okay nobody steal anything'. interesting experience. people didnt know whether to leave or not. that coupled with all the alarms that had been set off made for a...
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    1 grizzly bear ticket wanted.

    if anyone happens to be unable to go last minute, please send a PM. thanks.
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    the shining is on in screen tonight.

    showing at 8-40! they showed the thing earlier in the week. CANT FUCKING BELIEVE I MISSED THAT.
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    dave smith tetra.

    ordered one of these this week. should be arriving tomorrow.. looks fricking sweet. its basically a 4 voice prophet 08. i wanted something for my table top set up and this is ideal. fully analogue signal path and i can just use it with...
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    magic mouse

    this looks interesting for those who arent using laptops..
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    2 tickets for ATP MBV nightmare before xmas.

    hey hey, due to some family problems, i have to reluctantly pass on 2 tickets for this december's ATP curated by my blood valentine. i purchased these at the early bird rates so i think theyre around 170 each. id rather sell the two together so i may be able to do a wee deal on them if...
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    bubble-boy is so yesterday..check out train-baby.. insanely lucky!
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    malahide has a head shop!!1

    oh teh humanitee!1 what is the world coming to? malahide with its own headshop. first this.. is this becoming a common thing in suburbs now?
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    boss PH2 phaser

    now discontinued boss PH-2 phaser. lovely sound but a bit too digital for my liking. guess id take 60 for this. made in taiwan december 1995.
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    Stephen gately dead.

    33. fuck. so young. always admired the guy for coming out. was a big deal at the time. rip.
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    anybody bringing over broadcast? gwan.
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    why i miss being in a band..

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    urgent help needed: primordial documentary

    okay, in a bit of a pickle here and just chancing my arm that someone here might have some help. im putting together an interview with the irish metal band primordial and as part of this, we have to shoot some interviews with 3 members of the band tomorrow night at approx 7pm...
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    voxengo latency delay etc. has anybody any experience using any plug ins that compensate for situations where latency mightnt be reported to the DAW? this again is related to my tape deck. i cant quite get the latency compensation right. any advice?
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    hope adrian crowley is okay.

    dunno if this was posted already but shit, just saw this now. poor dude. hope its not as serious as it sounds.
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    luas crash..

    who is responsible? Luas Crash on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    Daredevil: the human bird. this was on last night. absolutely amazing show following this absolute nut job. must have had cahones the size of grapefruits. totally nutz sport that ive only seen a few...
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