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  1. RED(tape)MENACE

    :Hounds: is recruiting

    Since BLOODY Latex Lizzie failed to post this : :HOUNDS: Need Drummer
  2. RED(tape)MENACE

    Some Guitar + Recording bits

    Gonna give first dibs on these to thumpeteers, then they're off to adverts : Yamaha MT400 4-track. This one's cool because you can record 4 tracks at once with it. Or at least that's why I bought this 3/4 years ago and then never used it. Watkins Copicat Again, hasn't been used in a while...
  3. RED(tape)MENACE

    :HOUNDS: give away debut album “SPACEMAD” for free.

    There comes a time in life to draw a line under what has gone before. To square the circle. To cross the streams. Humble Dublin-based rock combo :Hounds: have found themselves hard at work writing a follow-up to January’s debut album release “Spacemad”. Often one of the band might turn to...
  4. RED(tape)MENACE

    :HOUNDS: Album Launch / 30th December / Whelans Upstairs

    Almost certainly the sickest gig lineup of the year, right at the death. Doors at 8:30 €10 gets you in and a copy of the album. After that, you're on your own. New Year's Eve comes a day early this year. Umad? :Hounds...
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    This has been a good while coming. Although I've made a lot of friends over the years, my time on Thumped will continue. Its fun here. I've no people on my ignore list & they always spew the same old delightful witticisms. Not only that, I've been on here over 10 years. That's not long...
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    Nirvana in the Top Hat. The Beatles in the Cavern club. Daniel O'Donnell on Top of the Pops. All have almost nothing in common with the forthcoming live performance from the manly but sensitive Bridges of Madison County and the sensitive but bashful :Hounds: Except of course, that they were...
  7. RED(tape)MENACE

    Free 16 channel mixing desk

    I have a DDA S Series 16 channel desk that I need to get rid of. You can google up some details, but basically it's a good sounding desk, and the price is right (free). It's got a few slightly bent faders but they still work fine. It's heavy and has a fairly weighty external power supply. I...
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    This is a thread about a band called :Hounds:
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    Tags cannot be overly common words (a).

    Every time I try to post.
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    Data Recovery Software

    What's good? Thinking of buying something in work due to widespread fail.
  11. RED(tape)MENACE

    13th October :hounds: + Bridges of Madison County, Shebeen Chic, Free In.

    Doors 9.30ish. Many old guard thumpeteers in the house.
  12. RED(tape)MENACE

    Sat 8th October - Spook of the 13th Lock + :hounds: in THOMASTOWN

    Renowned banjo-toting weirdos play the, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny tomorrow. Support is from riff-toting scoundrels Spook will be playing songs from their forthcoming and dangerously badass album 'The Brutal Here...
  13. RED(tape)MENACE

    Any list of Journos that review records?

    Anyone got such a thing handy? A friend is look for a list of dudes to post review copies of his record to.
  14. RED(tape)MENACE

    FS - FMR RNC Compressor / Fostex CR300 CD Recorder / Joe Meek VC3Q preamp-comp-eq

    Yeah, so selling a few bits. I can put up pictures and stuff if anyone feels terribly strongly about seeing them, or I can just show you them working in real life. FMR RNC - 120 Barely used, but a pretty decent all-round compressor. Fostex CR300 - 220...
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    Affordable Monitors thread

    Speak up with your personal experiences with monitors costing less the €600 per pair that the home recording brosefs might be interested in! Here's some reviews I dug up randomly :
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    Estel / :Hounds: / Ginola / Turning Down Sex this Saturday

    "No Fi, Lo Fi, Hi Fi" will be a 14-track collection of rare and previously unheard songs from throughout the band’s epic 12-year career. "No Fi, Lo Fi, Hi Fi" will be released on a limited run of 150 cassettes and will be available to download from Bandcamp. You can stream the first two...
  17. RED(tape)MENACE

    :Hounds: / Guilty Optics / Ginola Whelans Upstairs, 28th January.

    €6 in, bring yer rock face. If you like facemelting riffs. If you like the bands to be drunker than you. If you like outlandish costumes (possibly).
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    Can't login to main site

    Forums is ok though (obviously) joomla_int: User Update: Email Conflict. UserID: 14505 JFusionPlugin: joomla_int
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    5-a-side tonight at 7pm in Ringsend.. anyone?

    Could use a few more dudes. Sure the UEFA cup is shite anyway.
  20. RED(tape)MENACE

    Anyone want a rack bag?

    It's something like this : A 6/8U solid rack bag with front and back zips. A little on the heavy side, but free to a good home.