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    Feeding the birds

    The poor auld birds can't get at the ground at the moment and it's a good ID to put some food out for them. I've been making up a mix of lard, raw nuts, seeds, raisins and cheese for them and leaving it out - it's going down a fatty treat. You can also leave pieces of apple, bacon, cheese...
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    Or MILL-ONN as the yanks say. I have been before during fashion week; it was a rainy shithole full of alien skinny people. I stayed in the Chedi, a beige nightmare in the middle of what was apparently the Killinarden of Mill-onn. I have to go again, for work. I might have some time to kill but...
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    Inconsiderate bastard neighbours

    I was inspired to post this by the fact that I have just put the recycling out and the bin shed stinks of human wee from the dirty mattress some FUCKHEAD has just dumped in there. People = filth etc
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    Jawb Huntin'

    Peeps, I haven't hunted for jobs for years and have no experience with etc and so was wondering if any of you have recs for which sites are best and how to, eh, work the system? I'm looking for editorial/web design-type work, if that makes a difference.
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    Men who ride dolls

    Probably shouldn't reveal my oops-not-a-secret-anymore addiction to Closer Magazine but, this is now my favourite story of recent times (I need a break from writing exhaustively about lipsticks every now and then, after all) Truly wonderful stuff...
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    Amusing, and I AM looking for a job
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    dudes - this new customs duty/vat thing

    can someone with sense explain what this means in real, shoe-buying terms for me as a t'internet shopper buying stuff outside the EU? does it mean that you'll pay 23% vat on anything over €22 but no customs charge under €150? "THE EUROPEAN Commission has more than doubled duty-free allowances...
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    Pat Butcher's box of sex toys

    Lord God above, my eyes and my innocence have been compromised for all time. Furry handcuffss a giant-sized PVC nurses outfit and NIPPLE TASSLES Bless us and save us.
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    ARGH stupid warbly voice on Sky ad ARGH

    I will kick the telly in if I have to hear her warbling on like Peig Sayers about beautiful colours like the rainbow, even just once more. ARGH x 5 billion.
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    lazy cadbury ad

    ah here guys. make that fucking gorilla work for his bananas.
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    People who would be even more hateful had they been child actors

    1. Andie McDowell. "It's raining I hadddent noddiced"
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    Least favourite child actors thread

    I nominate the whey-faced and no fun haley joel osmet and dakota fanning
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    I just ate an iceberger

    and be holy fuck, it was so good that here I am, starting a thread about it. YUM.
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    Favourite South Park Character

    Mine is Butters. Hands. Down.
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    Done. Yes?

    do you think he says that after he finishes doing his missis?
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    is anyone else loving Vinnie the fox's bisquits-eating mobster panda as much as me?
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    If the Sunday World truly is the people's paper

    then I resign from humanity.
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    ATTN Cork Langers

    stan and i will be gracing your fair city with our presence on the 29th of march and I am wonderin' if there is anything hip n' happenin' on?
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    Gurls gadgets

    men ignore us for their Xlaptopboxes 360, but what can't you live without? me: can't find a pic of my hello kitty keyring torch, but it gets a lot of use, and these aren't strictly a GADGET, per se, but are still amazing:
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    Anyone know anything about fishing rods?

    I have to get my da a fishing rod for his birthday, for sea fishing. any recommendations on brands and what's good?