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  1. HMD

    Offered Stuff I'm clearing out

    M-Audio midi keyboard. It was working last time I used it years ago Yamaha stereo amp. One Chanel is gone but could be fixed More to come
  2. HMD

    Lemmy's funeral

    I know it got mentioned in the who's dead thread but he deserves a thread of his own. The impact he's had in my musical life is huge. Anyone watching the funeral and having a JD n Coke. It's starting in 15 min
  3. HMD

    The HMD Radio Show

    I decided to start a new thread for posting the most recent shows now that I'm on episode 150 and the format has changed a bit with beer reviews and mostly new/recent releases. The show goes out on Thursday 8pm UTC on is, on on Saturdays at 1pm...
  4. HMD


    I've wanted this to be made for years, i hope it lives up to the books Coming in 2016
  5. HMD


    Because there hasn't been a Danzig thread in ages. Log into Facebook | Facebook
  6. HMD

    Metal Captcha

    @pete you should use this Metal Captcha
  7. HMD

    Kung Fury

    This film looks like it will be the best or worst film ever. The Kickstarter campaign has 630,000 which i'd say is mostly from Scutter and George McFly
  8. HMD

    10 Punk Albums turning 25 this year

    10 Punk Records Turning 25 This Year | OC Weekly
  9. HMD

    Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens

    What do you think? I think it might be great based on the teaser. I like the cross light sabre being used by the dark side. Will he be holding it upside down though?
  10. HMD

    If you were in the Graham Norton red chair...

    ... your story would be? Mine would involve a one of many pissing incidents, possibly one about when i was 17 at a house party. Everyone except me an my mate went to the pub to get more drink before last orders. Me and my mate were sitting in the kitchen and decided to piss in the kettle...
  11. HMD

    Thumped Freecycle - WTF

    Is there a reason why the free cycle thread is locked? Anyway, has anyone got an under counter fridge they don't want? they might be some ales in it for you thanks
  12. HMD


    this press teaser is great. The official trailer isn't as good
  13. HMD

    Agora Market Place

    Anyone use it?
  14. HMD


    Anyone watching it? Noel is some cunt.
  15. HMD

    Oculus Rift & VR stuff

    I did a search for any other threads but the search is either shit or there's none. Anyway, i have one for the weekend and its fairly great if a like vomit inducing. Any recommedations for games for it? Mac only
  16. HMD

    3 - 4 seater sofa

    Giving away our 3 seater sofa due to upgrade. All fabric on the sofa is machine washable and removable. If you were handy with a needle and thread you could recover it. Pics here Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files For collection...
  17. HMD

    Facebuke buying everything

    whats going on? they just bought Oculus Rift for $2bn, it was on Kictstarter about a year ago and now 2 fucking billion. Although it probably signals the death of the Oculus I wish i had a sellable idea. Facebook Stock Slides In After-Hours Trading Following Acquisition Of Oculus Rift |...
  18. HMD

    Offered Miracle Fish

    Unwanted gift. Got this at Christmas and haven't had much use for it as i like to be surprised by the future. for collection only. The pic is not my fish. It doesn't come with instructions, but i can tell you how it works on collection
  19. HMD


    Anyone got it yet? I'm trying to download it but the server is being a dick.
  20. HMD

    iOS 7

    I got it the other day and am really happy with it. i haven't noticed any bugs so far. The UI design is lovely. I couldn't be arsed getting a 5s, the os upgrade makes my 5 feel the way it should have felt when i got it.