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  1. Super Dexta

    PHP and MySQL confusion

    hi lads, my code here may well be kinda ridiculous, all my PHPing is basically flailing in the dark until something works. basically i have a URL to an image stored in my database, and I want to be able to pull out different URLs with PHP and display the actual images. at the moment i'm just...
  2. Super Dexta

    would any of you charming people like to help me with some javascript?

    Form validation my gee. I yoinked it from somewhere else and now I don't now how to get it to do what I want. Basically it's supposed to check that all the fields in a form have been filled in and give you a little pop-up, and it does that, but if they haven't been filled in it submits the form...
  3. Super Dexta

    PHP aargh

    here is there some clever person out there that I could email a PHP file to and could tell me what very basic thing I'm doing wrong? I can't even get echo to work. cry x 1 million.
  4. Super Dexta

    Quotes from your parents

    I don't have children. I do have other family members that say things that amuse me though. I was talking to my ma earlier, arranging to meet her tomorrow: Me: Well what time will you be around, because I have a gym date with the girls at 6. Ma: A gin date, eh? Yes mammy, at six o'clock we all...
  5. Super Dexta

    can somebody go to the shop for me

    i need some makeup remover my face is covered in fake blood and they will loook at me funnt in the 24 hours tescos thnakls vey much ps where is the wet room when you need it? excalmation mark!
  6. Super Dexta

    can anyone lend us a bass amp?

    for the lower deck gig on thursday. we will treat it with the greatest of kindness and respect. gracias.
  7. Super Dexta


    Anyone tried it? Is it any use? Any recommendations for someone to go to? I have a really bizarre phobia that is likely to affect my quality of life in the next few months and I want it Gone. Catwoman? Anyone else?
  8. Super Dexta

    dublin airport is very boring at 5 am

    i've been here for an hour already. nothing is open except claire's accessories. i got three hours' sleep. .... you all and your nice comfy beds and your sleeping. AND THE INTERNET YOKE WON'T LET ME SWEAR. for ....'s sake!! ....S!!!!! this is the end. the living end.
  9. Super Dexta

    there's a guy in front of me on thumped

    and i want to know who it is! ucd library postgrad room thumped users, unveil yourself!
  10. Super Dexta


    clear out your box, for the love of god, i'm in mid-gossip here!
  11. Super Dexta

    [New] Members Map

    snazzy are we going to be able to click on the dots to see who the people are?
  12. Super Dexta

    what's the grossest thing you've ever read?

    ..besides 'guts' by chuck palahniuk. this is for research purposes. i'm especially interested in nasty bits in books that you weren't expecting to be nasty for whatever reason. and gross stuff in literature from before, say, 1950. the only thing i can think of is 'the facts in the case of...
  13. Super Dexta

    sociable knitting part 3

    next one - this sunday (the 19th), my house, 2pm, all welcome, PM me for address. will finally open the biscuits from the last one.
  14. Super Dexta

    sociable knitting, part 2.

    next one - my house again, 2 pm, sunday the 29th. all welcome, PM me for address.
  15. Super Dexta

    where'd the new posts button go?

    i am very disturbed. have to keep going back to the main page. very unwieldy. :( edit: ah, i just read the supporters forum. still, bring it back soon!
  16. Super Dexta

    knitting in a sociable manner.

    right, who knits? or would do so if there was a socialising element involved? zita? kirstie? roxy? tom? helena? who else? i'll volunteer my living room and teapot if a few people want to get together.
  17. Super Dexta

    restaurant recommendations (specific).

    right. so the parents are taking me + mr dexta + the in-laws out for dinner as a "hooray she's graduated/thanks to mr dexta's parents for taking her off our hands" type shebang on monday, and i have to book somewhere. it has to not break daddy dexta's bank, and he also requests "NOTHING...
  18. Super Dexta

    [email protected]

    went there last night, quite nice, new smell, nice staff, €7.90 for a student ticket is bollocks though. best thing is being able to hop on the luas outside my house and be there in ten minutes. handiest cinema ever. anyone else been?
  19. Super Dexta

    bookshops, they are lovely, ja

    This is a thread about your favourite bookshops. I :heart: * Anthology Books (though i don't think I've ever actually bought a book in there cos they're expensive, still, a girl can dream) * Red Ink * Vibes and Scribes in Cork. mmmm, mucho cheapo books * yon stalls in Temple Bar square of a...
  20. Super Dexta

    David Fincher

    nigglebath was asking for it... edit: bah. forgot the pole. so imagine this is a pole. panic room fight club the game seven alien3. well?