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  1. Goff

    Rolkand 1680 Undelete?

    A friend of mine has accidently delted all his stuff from his 1680 (I have no idea what he did). He's wondering can he recover it. Not having a clue as to how the thing works, I thought I'd ask around. I can probably recover the data by taking the drive out and doing it the tech way, but we'd...
  2. Goff

    Obama Election Posters On Stephen's Green

    Anyone else "disturbed" by the Obama election campaign posters knocking around Stephen's Green? WTF?!!
  3. Goff

    Oldies Protest Outside The Dáil

    Went out to this at lunchtime. Much fun had by all. The Guards had the Dog Patrol on standby. FFS! That would have been some riot. The Government can go fuck themselves.
  4. Goff

    British Government UFO Files The Brits have released some files relating to alleged UFO sightings, including one where pilots were ordered to shhot one down. A month or so ago, 6th man on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, said he was told they've been in contact with aliens and that Roswell...
  5. Goff

    Ronnie Drew's Dead.

    Lad's. Ronnie's Gone. Minutes silence, please. Let's all go drink Guinness.
  6. Goff

    Sarkozy Calls Cowen Fat

    The arrogance of Johnny France yesterday. Outside the man's own offices, in full glare of the world's media, he said this: "He didn't even mind when one question suggested that he might have tried to bully the Irish into doing things his way. He gestured towards his new best friend with a wide...
  7. Goff

    Being stopped in London, Engerland.

    Has anyone else been stopped by the Brit Police in London, Engerland over the past while? There's been a lot of hullaballoo in the Media about it and some politicians are even encouraging photographers to go out with their tripods to make a point. I was in London a while back and...
  8. Goff

    I Just Took Charlton Heston's Gun...

    ...from his cold dead hands. Chuck. R.I.P. He finally took his vest off.
  9. Goff

    Websense Query

    Why does Websense include the likes of indymedia and as "advocacy groups" (Okay, well I know why, but....)? Is there anyway around this without breaking the rules? Quite infuriating. Censorship by any other name.
  10. Goff

    Casablanca Moment

    I was in Doheny's earlier (work thing - otherwise...) and some Scot whipped out his pipes and started doing his thing. Then the crowd started singing Molly Malone and drowned him out. Brilliant. Shower of rugby D 4 wankers though. One guy was boasting about having spent 200 thousand on a...
  11. Goff

    3D Photos

    Messing around with 3D Pics at the minute. Here's one example, using the cross-eye method.
  12. Goff

    Chemisty Music (Nothing to do with me but maybe a new sign-up to Next generation, et al.... I knoiw someone will be happy.
  13. Goff

    Grey Photo Ink

    Hs anyone tried that Hewlett Packard Grey Photo Ink? No. 59. I got some today and am mostly pleased with the results. Better than the old prints I used to get from that Camera Shop that used to be on the corner of Gardiner Street and Talbot Street, anyway. Though possibly not as good as...
  14. Goff

    Manchester Airport - Incident

    Coming home from manchester airport last night, I had just ordered a round and this horrible screeching alarm went off telling us we had to evacuate as there had been a security incident. The barman, insisted on taking my money and handing me my drinks before letting me go (the drinks that had...
  15. Goff

    New Cabinet

    The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, has named Brian Lenihan, John Gormley and Eamon Ryan among his new Cabinet. The full list is: Brian Cowen - Tánaiste, Minister for Finance Mary Harney - Minister for Health and Children Mary Coughlan- Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Seamus Brennan -...
  16. Goff

    Portraits of Others

    Portraits of other people, without telling them you're sticking them on the net. I'll start: Conor and Elaine. Pornoman aka Adam Goldberg. Dave.
  17. Goff

    Diana - Crash Photos Doc

    Not that I'll be watching or anything (will most likely still be in the pub), but who else thinks the media are making a mountain out of a molehill? I couldn't give two shites whether or not they show the photos. Actually, they should. Without her face being blacked out. Might make...
  18. Goff

    Where's That Whisky Thread?

    Jack Daniel's Single Barrel (pump Action). Absolutely beautiful. Somebody stop me. I have to get up early tomorrow.
  19. Goff

    I love this geekness.

    I must do this:
  20. Goff

    Has Thumped gone Bork or is it me?

    Has thumped gone all Bork or is there something wrong on my end? Some of the threads are in muppet show swedish. No other sites seem to be affected.... Whappenin'??!