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  1. pissypants

    Elden Ring 😲

    Anyone else been playing this? Got it yesterday on early delivery. So good. Ultimately it seems like it's going to be Dark Souls meets Breath Of The Wild. And character / story wise it's clear why George R.R. Martin was on the payroll. Something feel really fresh about it though. Maybe it's the...
  2. pissypants

    Solar Power?

    So, I bought a house. But the back garden is dark as fuck due to it's low elevation compared to the houses behind it. Little skyline. Essentially a 20ft tall back wall. I'm looking into getting a proper "solar panel + storage battery" kit to run some lights just to add some pinpoint light to to...
  3. pissypants

    So, which is the best Siro deal?

    Finally Siro arrived on my road. Anybody using it for just fibre broadband? I don't do phone or TV, so not looking for a bundle. Who's the best supplier to go for?
  4. pissypants

    Uh Oh! What's your preferred Hard Drive recovery tool?

    An internal sata drive of mine has shit the bed. I've rescued discs like this before, but for the life of me I can't remember specifically what software that I used. Any suggestions? I believe there's plenty of shit ones out there so I want to avoid them.
  5. pissypants

    Irish Seinfeld - which of you archiving pricks grabbed a copy before it disappeared from the internet

    Yeah yeah, take it to boards, I know.... ... But anyone got a copy? By way of an apology for asking, here's "Belfied Of Dreams" a would-be comedy set on the Belfield Campus:
  6. pissypants

    For Sale Boss PN-2 Pedal (Rare 1990s Pan/Trem) for sale

    Here's my ad on Reverb. Of course that price will come down quite a bit for a Thumped prick.
  7. pissypants

    Death Stranding, anyone?

    Anyone? Beuller?
  8. pissypants

    Anyone in Sekiro? If you've liked Dark Souls or Bloodborne, it's 100% recommended

    Such a fresh slant on the genre. Incredible gameplay / mechanics / balance / learning curve as always. I never buy titles on day one, but Mrs. Pants bought this for me, and it's amazing. Anyone else into Soulsborne stuff, or this?
  9. pissypants

    Any of you pricks been watching Travellers on Netflix?

    Kind of a guilty pleasure, but there's be few and far between shows that have been as entertaining... Endure season 2 because season 3 is a lot of fun...
  10. pissypants

    Steven Slate has released one of his virtual acoustic drum kits for free

    SSD5 - Steven Slate Drums
  11. pissypants

    Sennheiser's Drummic'a is a free virtual drumkit plugin....

    They made it to show off the characteristics of their microphones, but in doing so, have created a virtual drumkit for free:
  12. pissypants

    Open Mic Nights for bands?

    Hi all, I'm working on a music project with some youth music groups at the moment and I'm looking to take them in to play at some open mic type stuff in Dublin City Center at some stage to knock a few corners off them. Anyone got any suggestions for open mic mic nights that might have more than...
  13. pissypants

    Psychonauts is free on Humble Bundle via a Steam Key right now...

    Buy Psychonauts from the Humble Store Very entertaining game. Pretty kid friendly too I think if you've got younger ones you're introducing to gaming.
  14. pissypants

    This deserves it's own thread: Portal 1 & 2 for less than the price of a prawn sandwich.

    Seriously get on this, you turbo dope: Save 93% on Portal Bundle on Steam Literally two of the best games of all time.
  15. pissypants

    Anyone watching "Flowers" on Channel 4?

    It's still on All4 (Channel 4 catchup service) Black comedy twinned with farce, and the best comedy idiot since Dougal on Father Ted. Olivia Coleman, Julian Barret, and some other recognisable faces. Bob's your uncle.
  16. pissypants

    Computer parts Dublin / Ireland

    Hey Guys, Where do youse buy your computer parts these days, locally? I'm building a PC but have to source from Ireland. Cheers.
  17. pissypants

    Music pre-production studios in Dublin city centre?

    Looking for basically a room with some studio monitors to go into with a producer for a few days. Don't need a full studio, so don't want to pay studio prices. Like I say: something very basic, but not a broom closet would do. Any ideas?
  18. pissypants

    VR Games: The current generation is awful and not worth your money.

    Edited lowlights of a 10 hour live stream of really disappointed gamers trying as many current gen VR titles as they could:
  19. pissypants

    Any love for Fallout 4?

    I spent a few hours playing this with a friend recently and it was great. Although what we did, rather than follow the main storyline, was create a female Schwarzenegger with massive strength, low intelligence and high luck. On top of that we chose related strength and luck perks when the...