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  1. xsteox

    For Sale guitar and pedals

    Have a Boult guitar and some pedals up on adverts. Thumped rates apply. Guitar: F/x Pedals: Distortion Pedal
  2. xsteox

    Offered Dawoo speaker stands

    Got a pair of Dawoo speaker stands for whoever wants em. Based in Cabra.
  3. xsteox

    Cologne Köln

    So we're going over for a short few days later this year. Never been before. Any places that are must visits? Thanks.
  4. xsteox

    For Sale Any interest in 4x12 cab

    Selling my HH 4x12 cab. Currently in lock up in Cabra, so not being used, but it does work. Lot of low end from it. Thumped rates obviously. Say €150?
  5. xsteox

    Cave in. Jupiter. Turns 21 today

    Happy birthday
  6. xsteox

    Any interest in free dvd's?

    Doing a clearout of my dvd collection. Anyone want anything before they hit the charity shop?? Futureama seasons 1,2 & 3 box sets. Southpark seasons 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10 box sets Luther season 1&2 Father Ted seasons 1,2&3 box set Messiah 1&2 Dermot Morgan (live) The Killing season 1 (Danish one)...
  7. xsteox

    General election 2020

    So, what does everyone think? Will the Dail sit next week from xmas break, or wait for another no confidence motion? Make up? Ff and another rainbow coalition or minority ff plus fg as jr party and also opposition? Reverse of the current farce.
  8. xsteox

    Question for vocalists/guitarists.

    Question for vocalists/guitarists. Doing both in new band. Did vocals before but never with guitar. How do you do it? Are riffs and guitar changed together to be on time, or played separately, like in a polyrythym?
  9. xsteox

    For Sale Few pedals for sale

    Having bit of a clear out. Deals for fellow Thumpers or anyone buying more than one. Mooer 01 and 011 preamp pedals. Tones from Diezel Herbert(01) and Mesa Rectifier (11) €70 each. Have a case, I'll throw in. T.c electronics vintage delay €60 Seymour Duncan pickup booster. Works both to boost...
  10. xsteox

    For Sale Bugera 333xl

    Selling my Bugera amp head, as it's not getting much use. 120 watts all valve. Based on Peavey xxx/ Jxs I think. Have footswitch aswell. Thinking €300 but, Thumped rates apply.
  11. xsteox

    Anyone want to do a sludge-y noise rock band?

    Long shot, but anyone up for starting a band, along the lines of KENMode/ Whores/Rabbits/The Great sabatini ? Can drum or play guitar. Ta.
  12. xsteox

    Pre amp pedals

    Anyone any experience with em? Looking at Amt legend series. Both as a way of getting hi gain amp tone on cheap & as a way of recording, since legend series two have sims out for recording.
  13. xsteox

    Streaming Sites Court case

    So, another case against streaming sites/downloading sites. Broadband providers ordered to block illegal streaming sites So, Ultimately will it end up with all these sites needing a vpn to access? What's story with tv android boxes? Will it amount to nothing like the attempts to shut down The...
  14. xsteox

    McCabe Scandal

    So this is rumbling on & getting uglier by the day. I can see katherine Zappone being outed from her ministry, just to save some face for FG. garda commisioner will probably either stay or it'll be another fired/"retired" like last one. Certinly won't be goin off her own bat. Anyone else got a...
  15. xsteox

    Cork Community Print Shop is gone

    Well this is awful "As of yesterday afternoon we are closed. It seems some local publican wasn't happy with what we were doing and alerted the fire inspectors to our flammable shenanigans. We'd like to thank everyone that has contributed or supported us in any way over the last 3 years. We've...
  16. xsteox

    [Jan 8, 2016] Disguise/Black spring + more (Dublin)

    Disguise: D-beat noise attack Black Spring: Bleak, existential Sludge Luxury Mollusc: Harsh scrap noise abuse Overbite: Noisey hardcore punk from Galway...
  17. xsteox

    [Oct 10, 2015] Nothing clean & support (Dublin 8)

    Nothing Clean (fast as fuck, no frills hardcore) OBSTACLE (local hefty hardcore) Vatican II (Riffy noiserock) Seizure (new line up. Boss tunes) Left to die (Power violence to the max)
  18. xsteox

    [Oct 10, 2015] Nothing clean & support (Dublin 8)

    Nothing Clean fast as fuck raging hardcore + Obstacle Local dark, hefty hardcore + Vatican II Hefty noise rock + Seizure new line up. same hardcore blast + Left to die...