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    Bot invasion!

    Lads,we've arrived!
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    Free production course

    I havent looked at it yet but its 8 hours long so I'd say its more than just an 8 hour ad for Waves From Demo to Master – Free Online Mixing Course | Waves
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    Can we have a night theme

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    BP Fallon on the tambourine

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    The Sonics LIVE!

    I'm sorry I didnt go to Galway to see them
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    Canada today

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    Cosy! Only €700! In Sutton!

    Made outta pallets!
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    Anybody else into this? I am totally hooked..its fantastic! First run was 16 weeks ago..42 mins ..Gonna try for sub 25 tomorrow in St.Annes Havent run all week though cos I twanged my knee last Saturday..but I feel fit today Anyway if yer in St.Annes say hi!
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    Culture Night

    Anything good on?
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    For Sale Marshall JCM 2000 + 1960 Vintage Cab

    Deadly . Too big for me now PM for thumped deal.
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    Jogging playlist

    First song out the door .. Stereolab - percolator
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    thinking of getting a Hot Rod Deluxe

    Theres loads to be had used. But..are they D A Y C E N T for R O C K
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    Gary J Showbiz Easier Said Than Done

    As is traditional,here is my first youtube of 2017. Hopefully I can keep the finger out and make a few more going forward. Household chores could become a visual theme .. whilst lyrically staying firmly in the fertile area of my romantic endeavors .
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    Desert Island Pricks

    Desert Island Discs was created by Roy Plomley in 1942, and the format is simple: a guest is invited by Kirsty Young to choose the eight records they would take with them to a desert island And this is Desert Island Pricks. I'm thinking of my 8..and you get to bring a book and a luxury item
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    The Thumped Motoring Forum

    Just gave the van its christmas wash..jazes christ it was manky..could barely see out the windows I attribute it to the regular fog on the n3..foggiest road in Ireland @johnnystress ,hi!
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    The Boom! It's Back Baby!

    €40 records in Urban Outfitters
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    Google Music

    Is class! Ok,its missing a few bits and bobs here and there,but it has a few other different bits n bobs elsewhere,so its six of one and halfway up the charts with a bullet. I like the way its music
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    Cavan progressive garage rock punk band

    Cavan/Monaghan/Fermanagh/Detroit lets fucking do this. PM me
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    Thumped rocks on my Xiaomi phone

    On chrome. It's a the business
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    A Twofer From Gerry Showbiz

    Long story short..wrote song..became more than usually obsessed with it so done it twice! It started off acoustic but I havent a decent set up to record acoustic at the min..not and sing at the same time I had to use the electric And once I played it electric..well it wasnt long...