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    Unexpected covers

    Robert Palmer covering Hüsker Dü in concert
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    General election 2020

    One of the biggest M&E contractors in the country. Would be more surprising if they didn't get govt work tbh..
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    Just A Blip

    More blippage, 2023 style: Songs, in order of appearance: Soundwalk Collective and Patti Smith - Ivry (Laraaji Love of My Life Mix) Ekkehard Ehlers - Plays Cassavettes 2 Anne Waldman - Pressure, Holy City Lord of the Isles - Otherness KSHE - Rosary Novena For Gender Transitioning (Spirits...
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    Not sure if you saw the fairly ludicrous controversy in 2019 when Mary Anne Leach (firend & colleague of Eastman) was invited to a festivael to speak about him, then promptly removed for doing so...
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    2023 Albums of interest

    Been looking forward to this for quite some time- new album (3xCD!) from Kali Malone w/ Stephen O'Malley & Lucy Railton). Her last album was pretty much AOTY for me in '22 so can;t wait to get stuck into this one
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    Property surveyor/valuer in the Dublin area?

    Surveyor and valuer are two v different things. Autioneer will do a valuation based on similar market rates, may not even visit the property (got one recently for 80 quid). A surveyor will inspect the place and give a condition report- could cost a few hundred...
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    General election 2020

    It'll only take one recession for the far right to have a field day here...
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    2023 Albums of interest

    New Necks out next year. Preview track up on Bandcamp now. Guess what- It's great
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    Fuck Twitter

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    Fairweather Sports Tourist Thread

    Fuckin hell that WC final was some game. Also, this made me lol
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    People Who Died

    Manuel Gottsching, of E2-E4 and Ash Ra Tempel fame: The Quietus | News | Manuel Göttsching Has Died, Aged 70 60 of the finest minutes in musical history right here:
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    Coronavirus: Better Call Sol - CORONAMANIA

    oops wrong thread
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    AWESOME electronic music from the last 30 years

    Awesome. All the Square Waves episodes are great
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    Thread for upcoming reissues of interest

    Both records pressed at Pallas in DE so should be decent
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    AWESOME electronic music from the last 30 years

    That's pretty great, although could do without any vocals tbh. Comes from a long lineage of annoying dance songs from Chicago that really work when it's turned up loud in a sweaty basement club, e.g. mixed in with a bit of super hi tempo south african shizzz
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    AWESOME electronic music from the last 30 years

    My god where does on start on a thread like this. Anyways, lets give the D its dues
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    Just A Blip

    October's show, feat some old London pirate chat, new Dublin soul & hip hop, Italo dirty talk, Maceo & JB, skyscraper love, &on&on... this month's menu: Pause for the Cause: London Rave Adverts 1991-1996, Vol. 1 - Intro (Hold Tight All Pirates) Jonathan Uliel Sandanha - Siren Frontier...
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    New albums worth listening to

    Really loving this new record from Swedish duo Ellen Arkbro and Johan Graden. Have been following Arkbro for a while, usually its very austere drone compositions for various instruments but she sings on this and it’s a revelation…
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    New albums worth listening to

    New album from Ian from Lankum is class- droney dirges with the odd lilt here and there. Dark and Sunn-y (((if you know what I mean)))
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    Merry Christmas 2022 Everyone

    Tough time for junkies