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  1. oh shit

    Favourite Talk Talk record?

    I think it's got to be Spirit of Eden but I am a huge fan of Colour of Spring. Tough call.
  2. oh shit

    Late Junction

    Does anyone on here listen to Late Junction? If so, use this thread to nerd out. Great programme last night, loved the Burroughs tape edits. I saw Patti Smith last night doing a shit tribute to Burroughs, she basically just talked about herself in the Chelsea Hotel, blah blah blah Just Kids...
  3. oh shit

    John Terry fired by Chelsea FC

    That's the headline I'd like to read! Can't see it happening though. Bastards.
  4. oh shit

    All Tomorrow's Parties liquidation

    Some people on this used to go to ATP. This is an interesting article about how much money ATP was losing before going into liquidation (and being immediately reborn).
  5. oh shit

    athletic bilbao

    fucking brilliant.
  6. oh shit


    Martin O'Neill, eh?
  7. oh shit


    So, there is now only one team in Scotland.
  8. oh shit

    Vivaldi piece

    What is this piece? From 1m 35s onwards. I think it's Vivaldi. It is driving me mental. Please help. Please.
  9. oh shit

    Lindstrøm & Christabelle

    it's so good!
  10. oh shit

    m audio fast track ultra

    thinking of getting this 8 channel recording interface. any opinions/horror stories? i think it looks good but can't tell. going to run it into a new macbook pro.
  11. oh shit

    new Sonic Youth

    same as the old sonic youth listen to the album here then search for the torrent i suppose
  12. oh shit

    good accordian music

    what's your favourite song with accordian in it?
  13. oh shit

    moving to america

    how does one go about it? should i try to get a job lined up? who would sponsor me for a visa? is the best option to marry? i know some of you have done this. pls advice me please, thanks xo
  14. oh shit

    the killing spree one - off reunion thing

    we've been asked to play a fundraiser gig for a homelessness support charity in belfast. so that's this thursday, the 26th march, with some other bands, in the empire in belfast. £6, if you like.
  15. oh shit

    the truth about witches

    YouTube - End Of The Wicked - Helen Ukpabio best bit: "i invoke upon you the spirit of stubbornness, silly, lack of interest in school, waywardness, unsteadiness, bad company, and POWER OF DESTRUCTION. blow up all electronics in your home! break plates! glasses! and then cause fever and...
  16. oh shit

    stupid ipod question

    my friend has a 30g ipod and wants to erase it and get stuff from my other friend's computer, but it won't synch cos it says 40g is required to fit it all in... 1) is there a way to synch without transferring all the 40g? 2) can she transfer some stuff selectively from itunes without synching...
  17. oh shit

    solzhenitsyn dead

    true grit
  18. oh shit

    dead monster found on beach yikes!!!
  19. oh shit

    bluetip & hoover - 27 august

    dunno if it's happening anywhere else, apart from st feliu fest in spain, but it's happening in london. vintage .|..|
  20. oh shit

    cleaners = horses,,2290581,00.html is all i'm sayin sorry pete. but seriously.