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  1. oh shit

    The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)

    Surprising how many people admit to disliking music they've never listened to on the basis of their perception of the 'fanbase' - which in itself is a very weird concept in relation to a 50 year old album by a dead guy. This is a stone classic but I prefer White Light/White Heat. 'I heard her...
  2. oh shit

    Ireland vs Ratko Mladic

    Sarajevo is a beautiful city and Bosnians are a great bunch of lads.
  3. oh shit

    True Detective Season 2

    Thanks but it's perhaps a bit besides his points... tl;dr but I scanned it and saw Kristeva mentioned in there. If applying feminist psychoanalytic theory is how he engages with a cop show, he might regard my qualms about the plot as somehow trivial.
  4. oh shit

    True Detective Season 2

    Load of bollocks.
  5. oh shit

    True Detective Season 2

    Both series of True Detective drew in and betrayed viewers by laying out murder investigations that hinted at deep, complex conspiracies and state corruption, then utterly failing to follow through. The first series pinned everything on a lone in-bred psychopath with only a vague relationship to...
  6. oh shit

    X Files

    great thread guys
  7. oh shit

    Tour de France 2007 thread

    Jesus, I'm glad people like you have no actual power, other than the long and boring rant.
  8. oh shit

    True Detective Season 2

    Overall it's shite, but I am going to keep watching it anyway I guess. Rachel McAdams is good but has very little to work with, very one-dimensional writing. It's a very macho look at the world, much like the first series, but it doesn't quite get away with it this time, on account of the lack...
  9. oh shit

    Game Of Thrones Season 5

    It's been slow fuckin going this series. It's like they've chickened out of bringing in new characters, which means it's less likely they'll do anything too mad to the existing ones. It's also become very predictable as to what's going to happen in the long and short run... enjoyed the...
  10. oh shit

    new liverpool thread - everyone loves them

    I think Liverpool FC have probably done everything right on this, so far, although I find the comments by former players like Carra on Monday and Aldo a bit embarrassing. The idea that Sterling ought to be grateful, or that it's an insult to the name of the great institution blah blah... that's...
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    Don't know about you but I keep the toilet fairly clean - you know, bleach, brush, general bathroom cleaning products that everyone ought to use. I'd feel sick if I had to sit on the average hipster's beard just to take a shit
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    Who summons cthulhu?
  13. oh shit

    new liverpool thread - everyone loves them

    Agreed about the minimal changes - a new centreback and a proper striker to compete with Sturridge is probably all we really need. The rest is squad development and keeping the likes of Sterling, Ibe, Coutinho etc. I actually feel like losing Gerrard will be liberating more than anything else...
  14. oh shit

    Anyone into African music?

    don't be afraid to hear new sounds. even prince was edgy once
  15. oh shit

    Game of Thrones Season 4 - EXPECT SPOILERS

    and clearly you've been following it closely, so would know
  16. oh shit

    People Who Are In Hospital In Critical Condition

    you know when you pretended to be a famous singer on the singer's band's website, and then people took you seriously so started sending very personal messages to you, and then you realised it was actually possible to be a bit... well, stupid and tasteless even on the internet. Did you know there...
  17. oh shit

    Game of Thrones Season 4 - EXPECT SPOILERS

    lash yourselves to the mast lads, resist the sirens' call
  18. oh shit

    In defence of hipsters

    Relax, it was probably an intern.
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    Game of Thrones Season 4 - EXPECT SPOILERS

    If Bran wargs into Drogon... if it turns out that wargs were always getting up into the dragons... that would be good. I guess the Lord of Light could be worked in there too somehow... that would neatly tie shit up I guess... then at the end Pod could wake up and it would all have been a dream....
  20. oh shit

    Game of Thrones Season 4 - EXPECT SPOILERS

    ridiculous? the children of the forest had to come into it somewhere. come on. there's already been warging, and three eyed dream birds. come on. trees with faces. ice zombies and a gigantic wall of ice. come on. come on!