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  1. Jill Hives


    Really? I was up there last weekend got the first time and it seemed really pleasant. Nice beaches to walk, coffee places, lots of community projects, dart being extended, and they are doing up the harbour. It’s in serious contention for my next move. I feel it can only get better and it seems...
  2. Jill Hives

    Celebrity Creeps Thread

    I was at a party once with her (not knowing who she was, because she wasn’t much at the time) and she was complaining that all the kids in Harvard Square had stolen “her” look… which was black and white striped stockings and baby doll dresses. *cough* … and YOU got that from where? 😂 Ugh. So up...
  3. Jill Hives


    Anyone live in Balbriggan or have thoughts on it? Yay or Nay?
  4. Jill Hives

    Celebrity Creeps Thread

    I’ve been cancelling people for years. Amanda Palmer was canceled in 2001. I could go on and on… I base it on my first impression and it’s rarely wrong. Then again, I’m a fickle fuck.
  5. Jill Hives

    Celebrity Creeps Thread

    Yes. Cancelled for being an absolute gowl, circa 2003.
  6. Jill Hives

    Your work situation

    I left my “work” in the hands of a few 20 year olds for a month. I kind hope it burns down in my absence…. Of course only if my fur babies are out for a walk at the time.
  7. Jill Hives

    You know you're getting old....

  8. Jill Hives

    You know you're getting old....

    I should use my tidy town pull to get a free one.
  9. Jill Hives

    You know you're getting old....

    When you ponder buying rubbish collecting yokes because you can no longer bend over without assistance.
  10. Jill Hives

    Gig buddies

    Ha! I am trying to move back to Dublin. Was just there today seeing two other past/presentish thumpeders.
  11. Jill Hives

    Women's clothes

    I’m the worst person to ask about dresses as I’m more of a boiler suit or overall gal these days. I have no reason to shop for pretty dresses anymore. I hope you find something lovely for her though. 🙂 Also, I heard you were visiting my neck of the woods recently. Pity the place wasn’t open...
  12. Jill Hives

    The Thumped Motoring Forum

  13. Jill Hives

    Minor Pleasures

    The sun. And booking a flight home.
  14. Jill Hives

    Coronavirus: Better Call Sol - CORONAMANIA

    Mine were 12 hours after.... it was moderna. Not sure what you're getting but maybe have a back up plan?
  15. Jill Hives

    i hate this guy

    Since I'm not IN America, I won't take offence.
  16. Jill Hives

    Whipping Boy - Heartworm (1995)

    If that was in the Olympia, it was 2005. I was there too and it was around Christmas. It was a few months before I moved permanently but I flew over because I wanted to go to that gig.
  17. Jill Hives

    The WTF Thread

    To add, that above explains this song to anyone who isn't aware of these ice cream cakes with crumbs.
  18. Jill Hives

    The WTF Thread

    The other thread about songs being stuck in your head reminded me of an old advert that would get stuck in my head in the 80s, which then reminded me of these creepy commercials. You're welcome.
  19. Jill Hives

    What song is stuck in your head/makes you irrationally angry?

    Amazing. I never knew this existed and I adopted them as my team years ago. Mostly because of the bubbles.
  20. Jill Hives

    What song is stuck in your head/makes you irrationally angry?

    Weird. Is it used in an ad or something? Or something that sounds like it? Otherwise that's completely creepy random.