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    Remember rep? Still around. Mr. johnnystress in the lead with a cool seventy-two-million.
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    Explaining Ham Sandwich to Americans

    Congratulations, Thumped.
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    Assassin reqd.

    Assassin reqd. to kill (and/or provide sensible, acceptable measures of accountability and corporate oversight for) all FAI suits who idiotically appointed Stan, and have now finally sacked him, with special focus on John Delaney. Good pay and conditions for the right candidate.
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    Yer wan in Hooray for Humans up there in the top left

    I think she's giving me the eye. Do you reckon I should ask her out?
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    Operation Red Dragon

    The EU's new comic. Cool! "The Presidency is going to propose deferring the vote on the Correr Report in exchange for full cooperation with Parliament!" What a page-turner - I hope they get full co-operation with parliament before the baddies arrive!
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    The new Smashing Pumpkins single

    No James Iha, no D'arcy. Just Billy'n'Jimmy plus employees. Anyway, here's the link. Glam metal, or something.
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    McDowell's stunt

    Jesus, I hope that sinks the PDs. John Gormley, you legend!
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    Separated at Birth

    Spike Milligan: Pope Benedict XVI:
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    Yeltsin kicks the bucket

    I bet Albert Reynolds is feeling smug
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    How about no songwriting forum?

    How ye now With all this talk of song lodges and that, why not not create a board where thumped members can't post their writings and won't get lambasted for them (or not praised!) by other thumped members?
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    Mrs. Berlusconi to Silvio: 'Say sorry, you prick'

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    MySpace thing

    Is there any way on MySpace of seeing concert listings for all bands, for a particular area? Like, all bands playing in Moscow in the next week, or playing in Sao Paulo between the third and fourth week of March, or that kind of thing? Is this some obvious feature that I'm missing out on seeing...
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    Pete: A question

    If I was to register an account with the name c0De_darA, is that cool?
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    "Thanks for the add"

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    Do the radial engine dance

    Woo! Yeah!
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    Ryanair offers to buy Aer Lingus Is this a P.R. thing or is it serious?
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    Thumped Executive Summary

    Pete, Quick proposal to synthesize mission-critical infrastructures and empower Thumped stakeholders with streamlined cross-media functionalities. Actionable result: A Thumped Executive Summary Strategic convergence mindshare: so many of the Thumped extended network here have busy...