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  1. actwithoutwords


    Anyone been listening to this? It's thoroughly lovely. Very Do Make Say Think/Steve Reich/soundtracky sounding. The Alamo and Nylon my favourites at the moment. Nice to see it get a good reception in the papers on Friday as well. Launch gig in Crawdaddy was good fun too. A short set was the only...
  2. actwithoutwords

    Toy Story 3

    Saw this for free in the IFI today surrounded by kids. It's absolutely cracking stuff. No drop off in quality from the first two at all, and arguably better than the second one. I occasionally felt it was revisiting themes already explored in TS2, but by the end it had established its own...
  3. actwithoutwords

    Alex Chilton dies

    Of a heart attack apparently. Very sad. RIP
  4. actwithoutwords

    Tis the Recession to Be Jolly

    Right, I may regret this. But fuck it. I've made a song/video called Christmas in a Crisis. Seemed appropriate for the week that's in it. YouTube- Christmas in a Crisis The video is a pale imitation of that deadly live looping video by one of them rap singers posted here a few months ago...
  5. actwithoutwords

    Comedy Carnival

    Anyone going to this next week? Went to one of them last year. Really nice set up I thought. Iveagh Gardens was perfect for it. It seems to be largely the usual suspects, though all in the same place at the same time, which is handy. But the most notable thing...
  6. actwithoutwords

    The Ashes 2009

    Any takers? An absolutely cracking finish to that test match. Who says that a draw after 5 days is an unsatisfactory way to end a game? Test cricket at its excruciatingly tense best. Admittedly the preceding 3 days (after a very good Day 1) had been largely disapointing: a conservative pudding...
  7. actwithoutwords

    Name all 42 Premier League Teams

    This is good craic. Bloody tricky when you get it down to the last few though. 39 here, and missed some sitters.
  8. actwithoutwords

    Irish Missing Person in Sydney

    I don't know how many people look at this forum, but it's worth a go nonetheless. Could anyone who sees this pass on the link to anyone they know in Sydney, particularly other Irish. This is a friend of a friend.
  9. actwithoutwords

    Swine flu: we're all going to die. HAVE YOUR SAY. Are we really all going to die? Were the Jews right all along? Are you looking forward to the lazy days off work watching DVD boxsets, after initial contraction of the illness, but before your inevitable death? If you had to...
  10. actwithoutwords

    Fly, Aldo, Fly

    Well, different Aldo, but still. It's from a crappy beer-related website, and the narration is shite, but it's an absolute cracker of a story. Beautiful South American eccentricity. It's almost like a sketch from the Armando Iannucci Shows or something. The most celebrated goal ever...
  11. actwithoutwords

    Declan Ganley goes a step too far

    From bad to worse for poor Dick.
  12. actwithoutwords

    Louis CK Returns to Ireland

    Haven't seen a thread on this: Corporate brandfest obviously, ticket prices upwards of 50% more expensive than the same comedians in Edinburgh. But fuck it, it's quite a good line up. A load of the usual standards, but a bunch of stuff you mightn't usually see over here...
  13. actwithoutwords

    Like Hearts Swelling

    I hope people don't mind me posting this given that I'm fairly new in these parts. I have a radio show/podcast yoke that resides here: itunes link It's something of an unholy mess of music, comedy clips, mixes, sketch-type things and general audio larking...