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    Best Android Media Player?

    Looking at getting a Minix but from reading some reviews - they are not very compatible with some older tv's ( 8 years or older) and their support isn't the greatest either. Just looking for a decent android box that is simple to set up (none of that rooting shite) ie you power it up - it...
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    My Cat Ziggy Died in a RTA last Wednesday

    Am devastated..the was a beautiful, fluffy, affectionate little ginger Tom who would follow you everywhere, snuggle up to you and give you lots of head butts. I never knew that a cat could be like that, I always viewed them as distant and aloof creatures. But this fella was so similar to a dog...
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    Your Favorite Movies of 2015

    Here are my favorite movies of 2015..what's yours? 1) Bone Tomahawk : Western horror and road movie rolled into one. This was a big surprise for me..great yarn, excellent characters and dialogue. Then theres that scene in the cave...unfuckingreal movie. 2) Ex Machina...cracking intelligently...
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    Chromecast Without Wifi?

    Can I use data on my phone to transmit videos to my HDTV without wi-fi on Chromecast? Has anyone tried to do this, I have an Lg g2 smartphone and am using three (all you can eat data plan). My computer is busted and I just ended my contract with UPC. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers.
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    Name this Oscar Winning Hollywood Actress

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    Old Threads

    Its sort of strange going back over old threads and seeing all those posts 10 years ago. Stuff like the death of Christopher Reeve, The Six Feet Under thread, Chess Joke and all those posters that I never heard of have probably got married, settled down and had children, some are probably in...
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    Darndale TV3

    Couldn't believe this but TV3 managed to pull it off and actually made a half decent documentary series on the inhabitants of Darndale. Better and less exploitative than Benefit Street because it seems to show the characters in a very positive light despite the challenges that they face. Some...
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    September 11th - 13th Anniversary Already!!

    My first thread so I'll do my best. It is hard to believe it but on Thursday it will be 13 years since the September 11 attacks. Wow! I can't believe it was that long ago and look how it has changed our World. It was without doubt the most sophisticated and co-ordinated terrorist attack in...
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    How Do You Burn Multiple Movies On To a DVD?

    Hi Folks, I have various movie files downloaded and want to burn them on to a standard DVD+RW 4.7GB disk so I can watch them on my DVD player. I can do it for one file using 'DVD Flick' but don't know how to do it for lets say 3 or 4 movies. It would be able great to know how to do this, as...