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  1. broken arm

    F.E.S. BYOB Birthday Bash - DECAL, Jimmy Cake, Ambulance, Sunken Foal, Spectac etc Front End 2010 - BYOB Birthday Bash 8th May 2010 Space 54 (Smithfield Sq. opposite Luas) 21:00 til very late - BYOB! DECAL AMBULANCE THE JIMMY CAKE EDUCUTION SPECTAC SUNKEN FOAL ROD & DJ's PLATINUM RAY DEASY KARLA
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    Tesco at it again?
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    deleted thread (Die Antwoord)

    why was my Die Antwoord thread deleted? not fussed just not sure why.
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    mexican food for vegetarians

    I have a favourite mexican style thing to cook but am looking for more recipes. black bean quesadillas (these can really be any beans as I made themn in Ireland recently and I couldn't find anywhere that was selling black beans.....) recipe lifted from bbc serves 4 1 x 400g/14oz can black...
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    Bloc 2010

    anyone going/coming? line up so far Salt-n-Pepa live / Grandmaster Flash / Adam Beyer / Skream B2B Benga / Roots Manuva live / Derrick May / Anti-Pop Consortium live / Ellen Alien feat. Pfadfinderei VJs / DJ Rush / Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems live / Lindstrom live / Surgeon A/V /...
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    extracting text from forums/threads etc

    i remeber there used to be a programme that allowed you to extract all the html pages from a site and download in one go.. is there something similar for just the text from forums? say you wanted to just extract the text from all the posts in one thread, is that possible for anyone other than...
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    Could you be a UK citizen? well, i'm glad to say I failed.
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    First teenage crushes

    all the John Hughes memories inspired this thread
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    ███████ ███ ███████

    ███████ ██████████████ ████ ███████ ███ ███████ ███████ █████████████████████ ████ ████████████████████████████ █ █ ███████ ██
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    this rules - kind of NSFW

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    who is from Galway?

    i have a query..
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    is anyone going coming? still thinking about it.. could be shit. one gig after 33 years.
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    i had one this morning. heart palpatations and my thumbs have gone all weird. is there a come-down remedy?
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    Favourite holidays

    what was your favourite holiday? doesn't need to be the most exotic/crazy/life changing etc.
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    on screen reading

    I am getting pretty bad eyesight from reading off my laptop. headaches and pained eyesockets etc etc Will getting a bigger flatscreen monitor actually help? something like this thanks
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    will ireland be a real basket case again?

  18. broken arm

    UK thumped people / councilk tax Q

    we just got our bill for the next year. it seems to have gone up by about 25%.... wat? what are the average rises where you are living?
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    yes, the hippy is going to drive a car around europe. has anyone done any european road trips? what were the best routes, most bizzare and memorable locations? currently looking north east but open to suggestion? the only thing is we'll be getting the ferry from the UK so starting points are...
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    weird thunderbird email problem

    in the last 2 days I haven't been able to send emails from Thunderbird. There are no error messages, the email appears in my sent items but nobody actually receives the email. I also use gmail through thunderbird and the same problem occurs. I can use the web interface to send gmails and I...