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  1. Burgerbarbaby

    Do any of you have a subscription to Bill Laswell's site?

    Long shot: Do any of you have a subscription to Bill Laswell's site? I'm only after one album, and it's a subscriber reward only thing.
  2. Burgerbarbaby

    Offered Router bits

    Anyone @annpost want a starter set of router bits? The usual bits, lots of shapes. I'm in South Kildare. Would ideally like to swap for something, maybe some nice timber, but whatever, freecycle is fine. They're too big for my router. PS found this thread when I was looking for the freecycle...
  3. Burgerbarbaby


    This thread might be a useful library for refuting arguments from the many Irish folk making coin from promoting creepy, strident, ill-informed right-wing shit. Happy to merge with another thread if we already have such a thing. Attached video is a beautiful, even-handed and careful...
  4. Burgerbarbaby

    Anyone got an online subscription to The Wire magazine?

    Heyiz. Anyone got an online subscription to The Wire magazine? Need a small favour please thank you please
  5. Burgerbarbaby

    Where The Eagles Dare

    Today some of the people at work were talking about going to see The Eagles, apparently tickets are €90 minimum. They're doing 2 nights, and they will be generating a fucking shitload of money. How much though? I started to do a quick ballpark calculation to see how much money will be made by...
  6. Burgerbarbaby

    Tape restoration?

    Anyone know where I would get a 1/4" Revox reel-to-reel tape restored?
  7. Burgerbarbaby

    Best deadline music?

    When you have to get something done super-fast, what do you listen to?
  8. Burgerbarbaby

    Accommodation Wanted NAVAN - House wanted stat!

    A friend of mine is currently living in Navan with her husband and daughter. They want to move out of their place and they are looking for another in the immediate area...anyone know someone in Navan with a place to let? I know there are a couple of people on here who are familiar with the area...
  9. Burgerbarbaby

    Music in Spar nowadays is shit...discuss

    I could put this in the Minor Complaints thread, because that's kind of what it is, but I thought it might be worth a thread of its own...The music policy in Spar changed a few months ago. Whereas it used to be some crappy Dublin radio station, which was fine, it's now playlists of Muzak type...
  10. Burgerbarbaby

    [Mar 28, 2014] Jaki Liebezeit (CAN) & Burnt Friedman with Drums Off Chaos (Dublin 1)

    It's nearly all here: This is the press release: No machine can surpass Jaki. Jaki does not have a “humanising” function’. (Irmin Schmidt & Michael Karoli, CAN) ‘People keep saying my drumming is so reduced but there’s nothing minimalist...
  11. Burgerbarbaby

    Beautiful Unit: Giving you a reason to leave your couch tomorrow night!

    Howyiz, The best-smelling band in Dublin - Beautiful Unit - are playing the second last night of our tour in Airfield House in Dundrum tomorrow night. So for all the people who are (a) into the Idiots & Into Paradise & Grave Dweller, (b) not going to see Grouper/BOS/WHOK etc, (c) not heading...
  12. Burgerbarbaby

    DAMO SUZUKI / MAKOTO KAWABATA December 02:::Crawdaddy

    Hey everyone! Holy shit! Best news EVER!!!! Damo Suzuki is on his way to Poole for a gig or some shit!!!! But before that he stops for one night only at Crawdaddy to play with Makoto Kawabata from Acid Mothers Temple. OMG! Fleshing out the sound will be: Paul Condon (Bass)...
  13. Burgerbarbaby or just visual piss?

    Here's one for you: Who are these people? If you haven't noticed "ICN" sprayed all over Dublin, in eye-catching purple or dayglo yellow, well take a look around when you're walking around town's EVERYWHERE. It's in all the places your gaze rests when you're not looking at anything...
  14. Burgerbarbaby

    DAMO SUZUKI Final Details

    Hiya. Here is the final true word on the Damo Suzuki dates in Ireland. Monday March 21 - Crawdaddy. Damo Suzuki Network featuring E + S = B Support from Z'ev and Schroedersound. Tickets €12.50 available from Road records, Freebird and City Discs, and at the door on the night...
  15. Burgerbarbaby

    Soundin @ Convergence

    Soundin play their things as part of the Convergence of Sustainability event tonight at 7ish. It takes place at the Viking Adventure Centre on Essex Street West or Pudding Row (Beside Christchurch). That's all I know. B BB
  16. Burgerbarbaby

    SASO album launch: Music Centre 21st April

    As I was saying, my friend Jim Lawler is launching the second Saso album in the Music Centre on Wednesday the 21st of April. Don't know how much it is, but there are tickets available in the usual ticket type places. Bus stations and cloakrooms etc. His website is, and although...
  17. Burgerbarbaby

    RE~TG Throbbing Gristle weekender

    RE~TG Anyone interested in going to this? It's on next year (14th-16th May) in Pontin's in Camber Sands. A block of four tickets including chalet accommodation for the weekend is a whopping £500.00 I'm booking a chalet as soon as I can, within the next week or two. If you are interested in...
  18. Burgerbarbaby

    David Bowie sold out in half an hour...

    Quelle cocking surprise. I'm posting this for no reason other than to express impotent frustration that this sort of thing happens.
  19. Burgerbarbaby

    Latex Lizzie just got older!

    Happy mothra fuckin’ gun totin’ buffy slayin’ bass playin’ birthday to Latex Lizzie, the best damn plum in the whole fruit bowl. Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone on Thumped: Your glasses please, for a toast. !ninjaaaa .|..| Latex Lizzie! .|..| !ninjaaaa
  20. Burgerbarbaby

    ***Papercop gig this Friday***

    !ninjaaaa !ninjaaaa !ninjaaaa !ninjaaaa Hiyaa Due to a booking cancellation in the International for this Friday, Papercop will be playing a gig. It will be €5 admission, and will start early, probably around 7. We'll be playing music and dj'ing for as long as we can. If you're going...