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  1. ilovehoovering

    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Pusha T in The Academy in December. I thought he was really big for some reason but apparently not.
  2. ilovehoovering

    The Clash-A Massive Box Set plus ANOTHER Best of......

    A 40th anniversary edition of Combat Rock was just released and they left this masterpiece off of disc 2 for some reason but have at least given it an official digital and limited 7" release.
  3. ilovehoovering

    Minor Pleasures

    Bought an extension cable for my headphones so now sat at my work desk listening to cds on the hifi instead of Spotify on my phone. It sounds glorious and I'm not going to try to do a blind comparison in case it turns out I can't tell the difference.
  4. ilovehoovering

    What television series are you currently making your way through?

    Hacks - really enjoyable comedy drama on Amazon Prime about an aging comedian with a Vegas residency ending up with a young writer in an attempt to freshen up their act. Series 2 out v soon. Veronica Mars series 4 - I can barely remember a thing about the original series and movie but this...
  5. ilovehoovering

    What gig(s) are you going to this week?

    mclusky on Wednesday and managed to grab a last minute ticket for Mdou Moctar on Thursday.
  6. ilovehoovering

    What gig(s) are you going to this week?

    Supposed to be at Mdou Moctar in Belfast right now but drowning my sorrows in a (v nice) hipster pub instead :(
  7. ilovehoovering


    Anyone got recent recommendations for anything at all to do or places to eat/drink in Belfast? Heading there on Thursday for a few nights. Got myself a decent list of pubs I think and places to eat but I haven't been there in years so am fairly clueless. Going to see Mdou Moctar in the Ulster...
  8. ilovehoovering

    Your work situation

    Had someone from my old job drop me an e-mail today asking for help figuring something out because nobody there knew anything about it and to be fair it is confusing. Happy to help as I sort of still work with them just not for them and they're mostly a good bunch of people. Thirty minutes...
  9. ilovehoovering

    What movie did you watch last night?

    The Batman. Well Colin Farrell was really good anyway and I'd definitely give his Penguin spinoff show a watch if it gets made before giving up on it after episode three. £27.50 to see it in IMAX. Not worth it - surprise surprise.
  10. ilovehoovering

    Recently Purchased

    My Bloody Valentine - Loveless CD (I was influenced by one of those essential albums to listen to on headphones/test your hifi with articles. About 20 years after I ditched my first copy in a clearout. Blasted this on good headphones last night and it was great). CMAT - If My Wife New I'd be...
  11. ilovehoovering

    What movie did you watch last night?

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife - I didn't find it offensively bad but I can see how many would feel that way.
  12. ilovehoovering


    My highlights from a similar trip recently: Breakfast at Tiffany's for your morning after greasy spoon breakfast. The Chilli Pickle for a really nice Indian lunch/dinner. What the Pitta for casual/takeaway vegan kebabs. And the best bit - the pubs: The Evening Star is legendary and I can...
  13. ilovehoovering

    New Manics single

    A Billion Balconies and Let's Go to War though...what the fuck?! I was having a good break from listening to the Manics and now I'm going to have to go listen to some of these songs to reaffirm their mediocrity in my mind.
  14. ilovehoovering

    Your work situation

    I started a new job on Monday. There was an emergency all staff meeting halfway through my induction on Tuesday where the news was broken that big changes were coming that were completely out of our control but everyone knows it means job losses. Lol. I'm actually going to be grand in all...
  15. ilovehoovering

    What television series are you currently making your way through?

    The Gilded Age - this got a well deserved one star review in the Guardian. Julian Fellowes series a about new money vs old money in 1880s New York. Absolute trash. I'm hooked after all 77 mins of episode one.
  16. ilovehoovering

    Paris - cheap accommodation

    Don't know about the area you specified but I was there in October and stayed in Belleville which was really nice. Loads of decent places to eat and drink with a great park in the middle of it. Hotel Scarlett - Official Site - Paris 20th arrondissement - smalls rooms as with everywhere of that...
  17. ilovehoovering

    Any wrestling fans?

    Just after I downloaded a torrent of the whole thing! Starting with the 'light' stuff like Collision in Korea and Nick Gage. I almost put on the Plane Ride from Hell episode last night but then remembered what is covered in it. Grim.
  18. ilovehoovering

    Any wrestling fans?

    Who else loves Hook? My girlfriend saw him on tv the other day and was like "you should've told me about him sooner!". Apparently he's cool because he looks like someone from TikTok and doesn't look like he's a geek from the 80s like lots of other wrestlers with their long greasy hair and...
  19. ilovehoovering

    Steam and other videogame bargains someone should buy...

    I've got a spare digital download code for Game Builder Garage on the Switch. Teach yourself/your kids how to build a game...hours of fun! I'll take €10...