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  1. Pantone247

    Happy Birthday, Pantone247

    oh thanks guys
  2. Pantone247

    Guitar Setups

    also if you're getting into setting up your own guitar, which I highly recommend as it is awesome fun and opens a whole new world of geekdom, this book is a great, easy, general primer..
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    Guitar Setups

    get a multi size feeler gauge for less then a tenner in halfords! Halfords Feeler Gauge Metric and Imperial 16 Blades
  4. Pantone247

    Kay SG - late 60s/early 70s

    Leaving Facebook...
  5. Pantone247

    Kay SG - late 60s/early 70s Late 60's early 70's Kay SG. All original parts, serviced about 18 months ago at Some Neck guitars, wiring retouched and neck set. Bigsby spring is very loose and springy, but I don't use it too much, once locked in place...
  6. Pantone247

    FS: Kay SG - late 60s/early 70s

    Hello Thumped, have this up on, getting major run arounds from people... will let it go to a lucky Thumper for 200! Have a gander... Late 60's early 70's Kay SG. All original parts, serviced about 18 months...
  7. Pantone247

    If a band can't exist exist without money, then the band shouln't exist.

    ah look! nice to be back on, or as I like to call it "my entire mid-20s mental well beings breakdown online" :cool:o_O:mad:;)
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    Selling some odds and sods...

    more "odds" then "sods" really.. special rates for Thumpers... Buy and Sell in Ireland |
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    I made some music - plug, plug, plug..

    Have to say, acid flashbacks logging back into thumped.. I thought it was all a dream.. So to the music.. I lost my job last year, so I made an EP of electronic music about it. In so much as it's about anything really. Samples, loops, blips and blops... Only just got around to putting it up...
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    I've logged into thumped for the first time in yonks just to express my dismay and sadness at this thread.. Ann Post your track is awful, the sampling out of tune, the sounds you use are dated, the thing is like a bad hip-hop track and I don't has any reflection on what's in the charts at all...
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    stuff for sale

    e130 I guess drop me a line at [email protected]
  12. Pantone247

    stuff for sale a Roland Mc303 Groovebox and a Roland DAC 15XD 35w guitar amp mates rates for thumpers!
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    Apple Mac ibook G4, OsX 10.3.9 (€200)

    e200, like it said in the subject Ian, or I'll hear any offers has Photoshop CS on it and bangs away happily, like Anthony said it's great for DVDs in the leaba. Good as a cheap run around if you have a more powerful home setup. Selling it for a pal btw
  14. Pantone247

    Apple Mac ibook G4, OsX 10.3.9 (€200)

    ibook G4, 640mb RAM, 28gb hard drive Osx 10.3.9 and photoshop installed good working order drop me a line on pantone247 (at) gmail (dot) com
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    firewire to usb for new mac book... help!?

    I use a USB 2.0 interface and it's fine (note 2.0!), 10 tracks in at once is the record so far and it was grand.. USB 2.0 is technically faster then firewire, but it's very much debated that over a period of time and certain band widths which performs best.. but for 2 in/out it should be fine
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    Anyone want a rack bag?

    if this needs a home in a hurry, I'd totally take it just bought a rack interface, flippin' terrified it's going to get a bashing before I get it racked
  17. Pantone247

    "... we never managed to set up a self-sufficient Irish indie network..."

    also he mentions thumped in comments like "go back to thumped" or the one about the choice awards "why don't you start your own award on thumped", stuff like that
  18. Pantone247

    "... we never managed to set up a self-sufficient Irish indie network..."

    did he not refer to thumped, or thumped-esque bands, critically, as 'the scene that celebrates itself ((c) NME 1991)? leading to the hilarious thumped xmas party moniker 'the scene that celebrates it's elf'
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    sampling - loops and hits and what not

    actually those 'making of' the progidy vids are really, really good.. and I hate the progidy, yr man's ear for the samples and porcessing is astounding.. good watch thanks Ogy, as time consuming and irritating as it is it's probably the way forward. At the moment I'm cutting 4 bar or 8 bar...