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  1. sleepy

    Tickets For Sale Jeff Rosenstock- 12th April - Whelan’s

    Hi, I’ve 2 tickets for Jeff Rosenstock’s gig in Whelan’s this Tuesday night (12th April) If anyone’s interested, pm me
  2. sleepy

    Gig buddies

    Just throwing this out here as an idea. Sometimes people want to go to gigs but don’t know anyone else heading and don’t want to go on their own. Also, a lot of people on here have fairly similar music tastes but probably haven’t met in real life. Anyways, what I’m thinking with this is, people...
  3. sleepy

    Comprehensive list of unacceptable New Years songs

    This is awful dreary shite and goes on for ever
  4. sleepy

    What charity to donate to?

    Hi, I’m bringing out a new tune in a few weeks time and I was going to do it as a fundraiser for Pieta House, but after reading some stories about how they’ve been operating over the course of the pandemic and specifically how they’ve treated staff, I’m not sure I feel overly comfortable about...
  5. sleepy

    Record Player Stand

    Hi, looking to get a record player stand. Need enough space on top for the player and 2 speakers and storage for about 100 lps. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    Hi all, I'm hoping with the next release or the one after of doing cassettes. Does anyone know where I could get these done? Just for future reference.
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    Badges and Tshirts

    Where do people here go to get badges and tshirts done up. Mate of mine's after doing up a pretty cool logo for me.
  8. sleepy

    How do I get music on to Spotify and the likes

    I'm working on an ep at the moment and hope to have it finished in the next little while. Normally I just throw whatever random shite I'm working on up on to Soundcloud and I've never gone down the route of actually ever officially releasing anything. So, what do people here actually use for...
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    Santa question

    So, I've 2 kids, 6 and 8. They're both still at the age where they believe in Santa and we want them to enjoy that for another little while. Anyways, one of the neighbour kids, who's 8, was telling my 6yo that Santa isn't real and that she'd found presents her mam hid. Was kind of annoyed but I...
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    I'm doing it this year, about 70 million years after the rest of the world. Me and a few other friends have decided to do it in solidarity with a friend who's had a very shitty year (I know, who hasn't?!) Anyways, you can sponsor me here if you want: Robert Moore's Mo Space I'll post up pic of...
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    I like them too. Haven't listened to them in a while. Haven't listened to Lankum. What's put me off is that my brother was telling me that the old starts off with an amazing 7 minute long droney version of the Wild Rover and I have to admit that description's killed off any enthusiasm for...
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    Anyone here ever order off They've a guitar I want but I'm hearing mixed reports about them online
  13. sleepy

    Home improvement

    Hi, so we've been locked down long enough and spending enough time at home to realise that we need to do the place up. The house is 20 years old and we've been living in it for 5 years. Apart from getting the attic converted after we moved in, we haven't done anything with the place. We're...
  14. sleepy

    Thinking of getting a dog

    Myself and my wife are thinking of getting a dog. We've both cut back a little in work lately, we're home more and the kids are past the baby stage (5 and 7 now). We've gotten in touch with the dogs trust about adopting but do any of ye have any advice.
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    Thread for upcoming cancelled gigs

  16. sleepy


    Heading to Liverpool for the first time on Wednesday for a night. Can anyone recommend fun stuff to do there?
  17. sleepy

    Where to eat in town?

    Meeting up with some mates in to the city centre (Dublin) on Saturday afternoon for lunch. Bringing kids with us (ages 5 and 6). Where's decent to go to? Don't really know anymore myself because I'm not in too often these days
  18. sleepy

    Tickets For Sale The Interrupters

    I have 2 tickets for the Interrupters gig in the Academy next Wednesday 12th June. If anyone's interested, just give me a shout.
  19. sleepy

    Setting up a guitar

    I'm looking at trying to set up the intonation and action on my new guitar. Can anyone recommend any tools that I should get? (eg string action gauges, files, or do i need of this stuff?)
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    I have a squier Jagmaster that I'm thinking of getting new pickups for. Anyone have any recommendations?