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    Electrical help ( amp related )

    How do I open this clip? Im sure it's easy,but I can't get any movement. Thanks
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    2021 albums worth a listen....

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    Fucking Up The Arts

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    Speaking of funding the arts
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    Who knows? Who cares?

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    Speaking of cheap guitar brands

    Slick · Electric Guitars Online Shop pity they all seem "aged"
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    Pusheads top 100 of the 80's
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    Get me started. Or not.

    First of all. I'm a lazy bastard and have a total inability to get a grasp of technology. Having said that I've been thinking I should do something with some things i noodle on guitar and band practice isn't happening any time soon. Would there be any point in me trying to get my head...
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    Alternatives to live sport
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    Keeping the kids occupied - quarantine style

    This carry on could go on for a while,thought it could be worth keeping ideas together. Educational or play,doesnt matter,just things for kids to do when stuck at home ( and potentially with parents who are working from home)
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    Covid-19 supermarket/panic buy updates

    Just been to supervalu lucan, appeared less busy than usual and well stocked. More parking than usual as well despite the rain.
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    How big is your garden?

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    Government Issue
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    Alternatives to Microsoft Word (cheap or free) for school projects?

    Basically I don't want to pay 99euro for something that will get used for a couple of school projects a year. Is there an affordable alternative? (And as usual,I am shit with this stuff) Thanks
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    The best top 5 ever Can't argue with that.
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    Old Bean,Bar Tape,The objectorZ,Lemonade Lake- Bohs Bar 18/05/19

    All in the title,I'm not the promoter. Come along anyway. More info in the alternative universe Fuck facebook
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    The derek tape

    Worthy of it's own thread. Not heard it in years,for some reason it popped into my head. Its broke down into parts here