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  1. David Kronenbourg

    Happy International Women's Day

    G'wan the ladies
  2. David Kronenbourg

    The alternative WTF thread

    DON'T get your WTFs from any of the establishment WTF threads. This is the radical alternative WTF thread.
  3. David Kronenbourg

    Help: Injured trapped bird

    A bird has flown into the window of my parents house and got itself trapped between the window ledge and a piece of scaffolding. The scaffolding is there because they're getting their baclcony replaced and they can't open the window to get to the bird. The DSPCA doesn't open til the morning...
  4. David Kronenbourg

    Is the internet down?

    Yes the internet's down Reddit, Amazon and UK government websites down amid widespread internet outage
  5. David Kronenbourg

    Where to summon Yog-Sothoth in town?

    recommendations please
  6. David Kronenbourg

    Where to shit in town?

  7. David Kronenbourg

    Funding Up The Arts

  8. David Kronenbourg

    Normal People

    Starts tonight on BBC3. Anticipating cringe. Hope I'm wrong.
  9. David Kronenbourg

    Happy Valentine's day

    Non-problematic Happy Valentine's day you bunch of rides.
  10. David Kronenbourg

    Forthcoming documentary trailers

  11. David Kronenbourg

    Best Films of 2018

    Since Lili did an albums one. I'll start and add to this as I think of them. The stand out film for me this year was Hereditary. Best horror film in years and years. Others I liked. Suspiria The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Phantom Thread The Shape of Water The Endless Mission Impossible...
  12. David Kronenbourg

    Bored in Work 857

    The wildlife equivalent of that young lad taking a beating off those bouncers that was trending on twitter at the weekend
  13. David Kronenbourg

    The Plot Against America

  14. David Kronenbourg


    Anyone joined? - Mastodon
  15. David Kronenbourg

    Forthcoming TV trailers

  16. David Kronenbourg

    Bored in Work 816

    Best yer da clip I've seen in ages. This lad's about to blow a gasket
  17. David Kronenbourg

    Black Mirror Season 4

    On Netflix now. First episode isn't great. Hope it gets better.
  18. David Kronenbourg

    Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

    I say yes
  19. David Kronenbourg

    Comprehensive list of famous people you've literally never heard of until today

    Sia makes paparazzi butt of the joke by posting nude picture herself
  20. David Kronenbourg

    Game of Thrones Season 9