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  1. Cormcolash

    What gig did you go to last night?

    The speakers in the big tent are vaguely pointed in the Marino direction. St Vincent was pretty good, but actually the sound for her could have been better, just the mix was a bit strange. Foals the next night had fuckin great sound, much better mix, and they were better.
  2. Cormcolash

    What is a "normal" price for a monthly broadband bill?

    The National Bogband Plan
  3. Cormcolash

    Bored In Work 1042

  4. Cormcolash


    What, he has his own band where he abuses his bandmates like Father Ted screaming "PLAY THE F'ING NOTE" at Dougal?
  5. Cormcolash

    What Book Did You Read Last Night???

    It's classssss, I fuckin love it
  6. Cormcolash

    Comments on Youtube

    She's turned the weans against ya, aye?
  7. Cormcolash

    Shite BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    Boom boom!!
  8. Cormcolash

    Major Complaints Thread

  9. Cormcolash

    US politics

    I think it was entirely necessary to repeal it. You can't shoot up kids in schools if there are no kids to shoot up, after all.
  10. Cormcolash

    Minor Pleasures

    In the criminal justice system, rappers that play cops are considered especially heinous
  11. Cormcolash

    Bored in Work 1041

  12. Cormcolash

    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Heard Wet Leg aren't playing Fairview any more now
  13. Cormcolash

    Shite BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    Show them this thread
  14. Cormcolash

    Minor complaints thread

  15. Cormcolash

    What movie did you watch last night?

    Jurassic Park the whateverist sequel. Whilst being better than the second in this shit series, it's still very poor fare. The actors are all good, at least. It's just a total mehfest of a film.
  16. Cormcolash

    Your work situation

    Show her this thread
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    Summer Songs

  18. Cormcolash

    Summer Songs

  19. Cormcolash

    pride vs rte

    Two sports categories - genetic mutants and doped-up EPO roids
  20. Cormcolash

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Yeah not far off