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    i'd just like to make one thing clear... the only band from dublin i think is shit is large mound. everyone else: "fair play, g'wan ourra dah. sure god loves a tryer... it's just fabilis." kirstie's brain + word "rape" = chalets. another boy told me to post that. an older, more handsome boy.
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    ¡Forward, Ghostwood!

    who gives a shit?
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    i hope people would think of this as my legacy. the first post still cracks me up. ha ha ha ha ha ha, stupid bastards. there was a time i'd call all of you stupid bastards.
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    hag's thread - only come in here if you want to argue.

    hey, you guys, i'm putting this gig on... please come, ok? you never come to my gigs. i hate you. so, are you coming to the gig?
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    The Dudley Corporation VS Large Mound

    sweet mother of fuck!!!
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    please ban me...

    pete, please ban me from thumped. hapi, hag and alpharelish. thanks, hag p.s. please please please. and ban this IP address if you can too. anything you can do is appreciated.
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    A message from Dubh

    it's not vague egg_. there was 'the pope'. a couple of people took on the character. one being lorcanzo. he said stuff about a few people in this guise instead of saying them in his lorcanzo guise. why? ask him. then when he found out people were pissed off, he blamed allen. that's actually what...
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    gone are the days of pantoolio and snaky wonder

    yeah, whatchu talkin bout willis? ;)
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    A message from Dubh

    nothing egg_ i don't want to talk about any of this any more. get lorcanzo to explain it to you. no offence but it's hallowe'en and i'm in a good mood.
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    A message from Dubh

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    A message from Dubh

    i know someone who'd find this very funny. they think i'm actually made from meat, that my hands are actually burgers with 5 sausages tacked on... :D
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    A message from Dubh

    look, just leave it, will ye?
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    A message from Dubh

    stop trying to get back into my good books you.
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    A message from Dubh

    the morello gig is on the 12th. you're uselss...
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    A message from Dubh

    church orphans fund? someone got to it before me mate... i left my heart with you though... and you chewed on it and spat it on the floor, like so much cheap wine... :D
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    A message from Dubh

    we're doing something on the 12th, right?
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    A message from Dubh

    you're not the boss of me.
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    A message from Dubh

    yeah, i called you asking you for allen's number and asked you what the story was and you told me allen was really pissed off at lorcanzo for dumping him in it... oh dear... i hate this thread.
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    A message from Dubh

    sorry egg_ lorcanzo *blamed* loads of shit on unclealo, pretended the pope was allen when it was him. and we called him on it. i phoned allen that day when i got home and we figured it all out. billy got involved too. and lorcanzo admitted to it. who actually gives a shit though? not me, im just...
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    HiM. Irish Tour.

    :D i thought i was the funny one...