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    Epic meltdown of Trump hating vape store employee

    My few cents on this encounter: VapeMan Vs Neck-beard . 1st. I know where Tucker, Ga is .. Try Mathews cafeteria if you're every down there . Neckbeard thought he had a numbers advantage in the black citizen / customer-- neckbeard was SJW-ing on the black citizens behalf . ( the racist...
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    The Walkaway Movement

    "Once upon a time I was a liberal..." Brandon Straka , founder of the Walkaway Movement. How a new movement is slowly transforming America as liberal and feminists and homosexuals embrace it in their hundreds of thousands. Make no mistake folks this movement has legs and is steam rolling...
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    Prince's family to sue doctor over 'failing to treat opioid addiction'

    Let the man rest in peace ffs.. do they have a point? I recently read the magnificent Alan Light book - 'Lets Go Crazy' about Prince's masterpiece album Purple Rain which left me truly enraptured and awestruck. So sad to see this happen now as his death has clearly torn apart his family...
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    I am a proud Craft Beer convert -- the Hipsters were right.

    Okay I will say that I used to dismiss scornfully the legions of plaid shirt beard wearing hipsters and their beer foamed taches. There was always a few making inquisitive and curious glances upon the craft beer section of my local pub. So imagine my surprise when I decided to take a chance...
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    Netflix Bans The Red Pill

    Hey Thumpsters. I like most of you do not like to be told what you should or should not do ore else bad things will happen. I’m just a regular, Joe living my life. That said, I am open-minded and believe that getting different perspectives and listening to many viewpoints is important in shaping...
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    Qanon - U.S Government Insider Who Claims To Be Dropping 'Crumbs' about Defeating The Deep State

    On October 28, someone calling themselves Q began posting a series of cryptic messages in a /pol/ thread titled “Calm Before the Storm” . Q claimed to be a high-level government insider with Q clearance (hence the name) tasked with posting intel drops — which he,,called “crumbs” — straight to...
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    Hey Radiohead..Go Fuck Yourself!!

    Israel is a pariah apartheid state who have systematically murdered and exterminated hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their native land. No amount of spin doctoring despite the desperate attempts of their army of paid hasbara trolls can ameliorate or mitigate their wicked crimes. It...
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    Little Miss : Generation Creation

    This video by the up and coming talented Little Miss will cheer all you Thumpsters up. A refreshing rap/punk hybrid that mixes attitude with uber cool. No pretentious American twangs here..Little Miss gives us a lyrical, hypnotic and rhythmic volley of Dublin/ Irish colloquialisms immersed in...
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    British University Bans All "Politically Incorrect" Words: Here's The List...

    "Cardiff Metropolitan University is at the forefront of political correctness sensitivity. The University Bans Lecturers from Using any Sexist or Insensitive Words. The list of banned words is wider than you might think. Here are some examples: mankind, homosexual, housewife, manmade, and...
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    The Archetype of the Social Justice Warrior

    "A psychological meander around the creature we have learned to loathe - a creature that belongs squarely in the 2010s, yet is also eternal, yet is also doomed." Thumped if full of 'em with the few exceptions :) Seriously though this is a magnificent rant, entertaining, incisive and truthful.
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    LSD/Magic Mushrooms (Psilocyb in) Treatment For Depression - Anyone tried it out?

    Read this excellent New Yorker article and was wondering if any fellow Thumpers gave the 'trip treatment' a try? From the article: "Thirty-six volunteers, none of whom had ever taken a hallucinogen, received a pill containing either psilocybin or an active placebo (methylphenidate, or...
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    This is a brilliant show from Netflix about Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar. I'm on the third episode right now, it is entertaining and addictive viewing. Anyone else watching?
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    Jonh Lydon Anger Is An Energy

    This is just No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs which is still one of my favorite music bios of all time updated. Lydon's latest offering - Anger is an Energy is very similar but a more updated version of the former. I loved the Sex Pistols and of course PIL afterwards. Lydon was an iconoclast rock...
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    Linux OS

    Thinking of getting this OS and putting it on a pen drive. Heard a lot of positive things about..anyone here use it? If so what do you like about it and is there any software or programs that you can recommend for me. Cheers....
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    Pic Of The Week

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    Ebola..time to start cacking yourself

    It seems to be getting ever more attention to the point where I am beginning to shit myself. It is such a fucking God awful disease, It starts off as a mild fever, then a high temperature and then your insides start to consume itself into liquid. You effectively melt as all you organs come out...