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  1. тхеодоре кацзынски

    Turkey Coup

    This sort of thing is still going on, and spreading - my girlfriends sister was refused permission to leave Turkey on Monday, and had her passport seized as she is 'under investigation' for links to the Gulenist movement/coup last year. An absolute nonsense from what I know of her.
  2. тхеодоре кацзынски

    RIP Jim Daniels

    Well this is genuinely sad, Jim seemed to be one of life's heroes, a thoroughly good, positive person, I don't think he ever had a bad word to say. RIP dude.
  3. тхеодоре кацзынски

    Asylum ,Immigration

    Again, I pointed out the difference between his two stories and nothing more. That you couldn't accept that is your problem, not mine. Anyway, this has long since passed into 'boring' territory, the fault there being mine - I forgot that Nooly can never possibly be wrong.
  4. тхеодоре кацзынски

    Asylum ,Immigration

    I pointed out a difference between his two stories and due to your insistence that nothing was amiss I needed to make the point multiple times. I have not suggested he is up to something sneaky, that you leapt to that assumption is your problem, not mine.
  5. тхеодоре кацзынски

    Asylum ,Immigration

    You are being willfully obtuse right? It is accepted as fact that he travelled to the UK to participate in a training course with the British Museum. The question arises as to his arrival in Ireland and subsequent application for asylum - did he decide before leaving Sudan that he was going to...
  6. тхеодоре кацзынски

    Asylum ,Immigration

    Oh please. First he left Sudan to find peace from general violence. Next story was that he left Sudan with work (having been nominated by a governmental department) only to find that the government was now after him. It doesn't add up no matter how much you insist it does. And again - were the...
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    Can a fart be misogynist?
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    Asylum ,Immigration

    Ok, one last time. 2012 Story 2016 Story So in 2012 the story is that he left due to the generalised suffering in Sudan. In 2016 the story is that he had already left Sudan with work when he is informed of a personalised threat at which point he decides not to return home. If you don't...
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    peak burrito?

    It's the style too Three Men and a Dog Cumberland Street is now a borough it seems.
  10. тхеодоре кацзынски

    Asylum ,Immigration

    You're attempting to drag it into semantics, the two stories are clearly different and contradictory. I never said he's pulling a trick, I just pointed out the discrepancy in his two stories and the probable lack of full information regarding his time in D.P.
  11. тхеодоре кацзынски

    General Election 2016

    Must listen back to that later. Replaced two people sounds... Spurious.
  12. тхеодоре кацзынски

    Asylum ,Immigration

    But we're not. 1) I left Sudan based on a generalised threat of violence. 2) I was already out of Sudan when a personalised threat arose at which point I decided not to return. They are two distinct reasons for leaving, it is not semantic pedantry to point out the difference between the two.
  13. тхеодоре кацзынски

    Asylum ,Immigration

    In one he had already left when he decided going back wasn't for him. In the other he decides he needs to get out of Sudan. The distinction is neither tenuous nor semantic. His not being a native speaker doesn't ultimately matter, the difference between the two articles is enough that it...
  14. тхеодоре кацзынски

    Stranger Things

    But not so much that I've watched anymore since. Anyway, I expect to be laid up in bed all weekend so I'll finish it then.
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    Asylum ,Immigration

    In one story he ends up here as a result of his work taking him abroad at which point he receives a call from home telling him the authorities have taken an interest in him and so he decides to apply for asylum (understandably so, I would be worried if we had a similar government and they were...
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    General Election 2016

    Averil Power appointed chief executive of Asthma Society She's back in business. Looking at their accounts for 2014 (the latest I could find) she can expect to be earning 80-90k, this not including pension contributions...
  17. тхеодоре кацзынски

    Asylum ,Immigration

    He tells a different story back in 2012 The human and economic costs of deportation | Politico Also, seven years is, I think we can all agree, an intolerable time to spend in D.P., however, it must be asked - did he launch any appeals against earlier findings? PQ: Direct Provision System...
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    What's wrong with

    Mines anyway. I was Lukashenko, now I'm back to Putin. But hey, one authoritarian leader is as good as the next.
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    Minor Pleasures

    Nah, I can barely swim and the issue wasn't even raised. You'll have a life jacket and your man is on a boat nearby so should you fall in you'd be fished out quickly. I did ask what were the chances of falling in and it seems the people that do fall in are being extremely stupid - he mentioned...