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  1. george mcfly

    Thumped Christmas Pints 2015 - 23rd Dec 2015

    23rd of December. @Lili Marlene and I are thinking the Long Hall Optional Planet of the Apes cosplay!
  2. george mcfly

    Sightings of Bigfoot in the UK & Ireland

    I know they don't often venture in suburbia, but in the mid 90s I saw a bigfoot on my way back home after watching The X Files at my friend's house. It jumped out in front of my bike and ran across a field, looking back at the last minute just as it disappeared behind the video shop (much like...
  3. george mcfly

    Paranormal Memories

    We all know that ghosts might not be real, BUT a lot of people have weird experiences or memories that are hard to explain. When I was little Georgie I used to see shadow persons all the time. The clearest memory I have is that they would come in and stand at the end of my parents bed and just...
  4. george mcfly

    Should I go out tonight?

    Dear Thumped, Should I go out tonight? Or just stay in and watch films.
  5. george mcfly

    What's your best drunk internet purchase?

    On the back of my drunk purchase of a Legend, Silver Bullet and (now that I read the post notification mail properly) Exorcist III t-shirt post. I LOVE buying stuff on line when I'm drunk and it's great to arrive home from work to find a Zoltan: Hound of Dracula dvd in the post when you've no...
  6. george mcfly

    BBC Radiophonic Workshop at the National Concert Hall

    Anyone going to this? I am pretty obsessed with their work National Concert Hall, Dublin - Perspectives 2015: The Radiophonic Workshop
  7. george mcfly

    What's the most you've ever paid for a record / cd?

    I once considered dropping the most money I've ever thought about spending on a record on Discogs. It was $400 for the Coupe DeVilles record 'Waiting Out The Eighties'. John Carpenter's 80s supergroup. Only pressed for friends, never properly released. If I had it in my hands and I was a bit...
  8. george mcfly

    Clothes and haircuts

    I've been a big fan of dressing like Bill Paxton in Near Dark for the last while, but lately I've been trying to revamp things and go slightly off the grid in choosing outfits that aren't just check shirts and skinny jeans. I always end up looking like I'm in Foals though. Which isn't a...
  9. george mcfly

    Stage Nerves

    Years back, I was playing a show with a new band. Brand new songs and completely unprepared. I was getting all my gear ready to go on stage and I decided to leg it. Except I didn't. For a second though I caught the eye of a band member and he told me (after the show) that he knew I was...
  10. george mcfly

    Looking for a saxophone player interested in Italian horror soundtracks

    looking for someone to work on a couple of tracks hit me up here if you're interested
  11. george mcfly

    Multi Region Blu Ray Player

    Anyone know of a good option and where to get one?
  12. george mcfly

    Obnoxious Musicians

    Have you ever met a musician you were a fan of that turned out to be a complete dickhead? As a result, destroying your love for their music
  13. george mcfly

    Retro 2004 Memories

    Having a bit of a nostalgic day of looking up threads from around the time I started to make music and play shows I would have played my first shows back in 2003, but it was 2004 when I started meeting a lot of awesome pricks from Thumped and going to stuff like Lazybird and The Ballroom Of...
  14. george mcfly

    Shops that buy records in Dublin

    I'm selling off a good lot of records.. any shops in town that buy second hand stuff? hi! Georgie
  15. george mcfly

    Last Days Of 1984 - Wake Up To The Waves Album Launch - Friday 4th May, Workman's

    So, we're having a launch for our record, Wake Up To The Waves (Osaka) in The Workman's Club this Friday night. We also have LOGIKPARTY and The Last Sound playing with us. After the show, we have the club for the whole night with DJ Fitz (Twisted Robot) looking after jams Visuals are going to...
  16. george mcfly

    Anyone want to go on the hop from work this afternoon?

    I'm so bored in here. I'm kinda into the idea of going out to the zoo. Remember having a thread about this years ago but I chickened out
  17. george mcfly

    ▲▲L▲ST D∆YS OF 1984▲▲ >> Saturday 9th July Whelans >> Midnight Show

    We're playing our first show on Saturday 9th of July in Whelans. It's a midnight show and if you email us at [email protected] you can get guestlist Really looking forward to this. Spread the word. Come and have a deadly night Download our single for free >>...
  18. george mcfly

    ▲▲L▲ST D∆YS OF 1984▲▲ >> Single 'River's Edge' >> Out Friday >> Free Download

    I mentioned this on the Thumped Kru Choons page, so hope it's cool if i mention it here too This is out on Friday and it's free! Myself and Brian Rice made a new band called ▲▲L▲ST D∆YS OF 1984▲▲ You can listen to the first single here. and you...
  19. george mcfly

    Pressing vinyl

    looking at getting a single pressed anyone here done this recently? where's the best place to get it done now?
  20. george mcfly

    Korg Electribe EMX For Sale: 350Euro

    Have upgraded to an MPC 5000 so, i don't really have a need for this anymore Drum Machine, Sequencer and Synth Perfect condition Read about what it can do here