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  1. Catwoman

    Eircom blocking bittorrent

    I heard about this the other day; thought 'I'm grand, I'm with UTV' but looks like it will apply to all Irish ISPs. What do yis reckon?
  2. Catwoman

    Poor old Lilly Allen get hers via the comments section in the Guardian

    Even better than the Peaches one.
  3. Catwoman

    Thumped's "non-nationals" thread

    So there's me, Jane, Hayworth, theweeyin. Anyone else? Anyone want to get together and complain how you can't get Pepto Bismol or a Pukka Pie or decent kebab over here? Come, expats! Join me!
  4. Catwoman

    Recommend me a PC game

    I'm bored in work. I need something more than Thumped and Scrabulous. Can you recommend me a game that's: quiet/doesn't need sound on point and clicky Windows based Not too taxingSorry if this sounds a bit vague. Just tell me what's good and I'll take it from there.
  5. Catwoman

    What's wrong with this picture

    Oh dear oh dear.
  6. Catwoman

    Best console/game

    I'm thinking about getting Catman a games console for Xmas. We have a PS2 and a Wii. I'm thinking of getting an XBox - is this a wise choice? Recommend me some games too please!
  7. Catwoman

    Posh nosh on New Year's Eve

    I'm looking for somewhere that's doing nice scran for NYE. So far I've just found The Morrison. Anyone know of anything similar round Dublin? Staying overnight is an option but we don't want a black-tie affair.
  8. Catwoman

    Transformers - tonight in Tallaght 7pm FREE

    I can't believe I'm posting this on the "arts" board, but I have a free pass and can't go. PM me with your email address and I'll send it on.
  9. Catwoman

    My Computer not seeing things plugged into usb ports

    OK so I'm trying to connect new mp3 player to computer at work. I've set everything up as I did the home PC but no joy - I get a message saying it's detected the mp3 player, and another one saying ready to use. But the mp3 player software is saying it's not connected, and My Computer isn't...
  10. Catwoman

    Recommend a hotel in Kilkenny

    Central, not too fancy, not too small. Has to be a hotel cos it's for a stag weekend and B&Bs can generally don't like stags, do they?
  11. Catwoman

    Blue Screen of Death

    I'm getting this a lot lately. I thought it might be down to a new Maxtor external hard drive I got but it's still BSOD'ing when that's disconnecting. The only other drive I can think of that might be causing this is the UTV modem cos every now and then it gets 'corrupted' and I have to...
  12. Catwoman

    Vin Chateau d'Aldi

    I'm very poor all of a sudden and need to stop spending quite so much money on alcohol. I could always drink less, but that's never going to happen. I've tried the beer in Aldi which is quite nice but I'm wary of their wines and spirits. Anyone sampled the delights of the Aldi (or Lidl)...
  13. Catwoman

    Kopparberg redux

    Which offies in Dublin city/south does the mixed fruit sort? I know there's a Kiss version but I'm looking for the Kopparberg.
  14. Catwoman

    The search for root beer

    Where can I get my hands on some good American root beer? They have something called 'root beer' in some health food shops but it's not the same. Am I the only non-Yank who likes this stuff? I remember the good old days when you could get it in McDonalds.
  15. Catwoman


    Anyone do it? I'm looking for a class, city or south Dublin. I know there's one in Rathmines but it's e110 which I think is a bit steep for a 7 week course.
  16. Catwoman

    FTP sites

    I'm currently using but it's a bit glitchy and keeps kicking me out for no reason. I need somewhere to file various documents, nothing too large. Any recommendations?
  17. Catwoman

    Good website for offers etc

    Dunno if anyone's posted already, but there's some good offers on this site, especially 'for today only' type deals.
  18. Catwoman


    While on holiday last week I tried lobster for the first time and have decided I want more, much more. So where can I get a nice lobster meal? I know King Sitric do lobster but was hoping somewhere in town?
  19. Catwoman


    Me and Juno went last night. While the food is perfectly edible and the service fast and friendly, I don't understand why the queue was up the stairs and out the door. Are there any fans here? The food's ok but as far as Asian restaurants go, it's not great. If anybody's going and feels...
  20. Catwoman


    My boss has given me a voucher for 2 nights in a hotel in Clonmel. Any interesting places to see? Good pubs?