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  1. Los Davos

    Anyone selling a Roland JC 120? For a good offer.

    Want one. For cash : )
  2. Los Davos

    Ex Daemien Frost Guitarist seeks humans.

    Lookin to play with musicians or join an existing act. Have a few ideas... Am based in the city centre. I can sorta sing these days. Jesus, it's easier filling out an ok cupid profile... listen to el frost here Would be into all kinds of good music. :) Dave.
  3. Los Davos

    Web Comedy Series.

    My mate wrote and shot a comedy for the interweb. Check it out :)
  4. Los Davos

    So thumped misses me?

    Says so in my email. I am touched. How is everybody?? :)
  5. Los Davos

    Please recommend me some sunday tunes.

    I have a hangover and I'm working in a bookstore, any suggestions? to soothe the auld bonce.
  6. Los Davos

    Cure For Tinnitus Yes! .|..| :)
  7. Los Davos

    Cool new arts bookstore.

    On Sth William street opposite the hideout. Some deadly books there. the're online also
  8. Los Davos

    Image Technology
  9. Los Davos

    Hayfever Sufferers

    Suffer no more! Makes sense. Later.
  10. Los Davos


    I've started covering mixed salads in soy sauce. Now I cant stop eating salad. This is such an amazing breakthrough for me. Salad and soy sauce rocks! Wock! .|..| Wock with yan! Wockin with jebus. Harro Shitty wok? Going to spain on tuesday! Woop! :) Oh,Sorry, off topic. Harro Shitty...
  11. Los Davos

    Thumped Rules

    I love you guys. All'yall Like. Your Awesome. Yep... YOU! Peas :)
  12. Los Davos

    economy su stains poverty

    it's defunct, like idealogy, boundary. some people will just argue grammar in this sentence. So the question poses itselves; 1. Nothing, sure that's the way it's always been. 2. I dunno, 'dave fanning? * *that being a terrible lazy egocentral outcome. ha! i gotta propose something else...
  13. Los Davos

    PC question

    I am getting a cmos checksum error on start up. my internal clock's battery is kaputnik. If I put my startup disc in to flush my pc, will I have problems?
  14. Los Davos

    Thats better

    Its good to see the barely used stalls on capel st bridge have been removed. That was one of the most retarded pieces of planning. If you sat on one of the new benches you couldn't look up the liffey at the sun set. .The new 'cyber' benches were designed in such a way (with a glass back) that...
  15. Los Davos


    Its driving me nuts at the moment. shit fuck bollox. That is all, thanks for the rant.
  16. Los Davos

    Marshall jcm 2000tsl headand1960cab 1000e!!

    Hi, I am selling my head and cab for the deadly price of 1000e all in. I dont want to sell them seperately, they are available to try at a city centre location (off capel st). Excellent condition bar the slightest tear on the leather of the cab (its tiny!) Footswitch also. the head is only...
  17. Los Davos


    I was always under the impression that artists not companies recoup on royalties from radio airplay. Anyone know?
  18. Los Davos

    Marshall tsl jcm 2000 100 watt for sale

    Marshall Head, still under warranty till Feb. Like this 1250 on Thomann, Looking for e1000.
  19. Los Davos

    epiphone any good?

    havin a goo at epiphone les paul copies are they any good or a waste of wood?
  20. Los Davos

    has anyone ever tried to bite your willy off?

    i have.....