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  1. avernus

    Fender Stratocaster USA - 40th Anniversary w/Case - €775

    Limited Edition: Fender Stratocaster USA - 40th Anniversary - Sunburst. With original case. Fitted with Seymour Duncan Hotrail on the bridge, toggle switches to select between the two rails, them together, and combinations between the other two pickups. In excellent condition - only a couple...
  2. avernus

    Carriages - Iron & Fire

    Official music video for Iron and Fire by Carriages Carriages | Facebook Directed by Hugh Rodgers ( Cinematography by Eleanor Bowman Starring Aaron Page, Harry Bookless & Zoe Gorsuch. Get the debut EP from Carriages for free or a fee of your choosing at...
  3. avernus

    I'mma selling a few music things over there on the For Sale thing..

    Fender Jazz 5 String Bass (MIM) €400 Yamaha Silent Guitar €400€400.90620/ Fishman Neo-D Humbucking Acoustic Pickup €90...
  4. avernus

    Fender Jazz 5 Stringer

    Selling my Fender Jazz 5 String Bass (made in the great country of Mexico) for €400.
  5. avernus

    Fishman Neo-D Humbucking Acoustic Pickup - €90

    Fishman Neo-D Passive Soundhole Humbucking Acoustic Pickup Used once. Selling because I have a new acoustic with a built in pickup. €90 yo! This is a very handy, warm & hum free sound...
  6. avernus

    Yamaha Silent Guitar - €400 I bought this on Thomann a few years ago, have used it in a few recordings and live shows. It's extremely handy, has a lovely built-in reverb and EQ. Sounds...
  7. avernus

    FENDER BLENDER! €100 (Magical Cat Not Included)

    You read correctly. For a mere €100 you can own this incredible pedal, but not my incredible cat. If you don't know the drill with the Fender Blender...
  8. avernus

    What was the name of that UK band that bombed on some Channel 4 promo?

    It was a few years back.. the singer said something utterly ridiculous in an attempt to describe their music and it went viral.. and they may have even been dropped by their label due to the fallout.
  9. avernus

    a dark horse - DEBUT EP - Free Download

    a dark horse Debut EP is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD / Name Your Price on Siobhán Maguire of The Sunday Times said- "The most melodic & enchanting EP out from a Dublin band called A Dark Horse [...] I promise you it's beautiful." and Alan Reilly of...
  10. avernus

    A Dark Horse - These Butterflies Are Here

    This is the second song & music video from our forthcoming debut EP. Check it aus. This song was recorded by John Bradshaw at Porchlight Studios, mixed by Stephen Shannon at Experimental Audio & mastered by Richard Dowling at WAV Mastering.
  11. avernus

    A Dark Horse / Take Me Home

    Yo. This is my new band and our debut video Take Me Home, directed by Aoife Kelleher. Taken from an EP we're releasing in July, recorded in Porchlight Studios, mixed by Stephen Shannon & mastered by Richard Dowling.
  12. avernus

    CUCKOO Alls I'm saying is, you should vote for it for a number of reasons.. 1. It's vg. 2. It features ace Retarded Cop and Le Galaxie toons. 3. I wrote the score. Okay, do what your conscience tells you to.
  13. avernus

    PEOPLE OF DUBLIN NORTH - VOTE TOM KELLEHER! (This is a Party Political Broadcast)

    If you're not sure who to vote for, consider voting 1 for Tom Kelleher (Labour). He is a man of great integrity, with a sense of social responsibility and a wealth of experience both as a county councillor in Fingal County Council and as an educator. He is passionate about equality, the power of...
  14. avernus

    General Election 2011

    Anyone see this? Kinda interesting - though not particularly representative of the non tech savvy.
  15. avernus

    Bank Of Ireland's new charges - is anyone jumping ship?

    Any advice on where to jump ship to?
  16. avernus

    Vote for GROWING UP GAY to beat Jedward in the Awards

    C'mon.. Jedward can't win this thing. It just wouldn't be right.
  17. avernus

    New HERM video for Year Of The Horse

    Pete kindly lashed this up here:,com_jvideodirect/Itemid,193/v,BZ115XqxY1u7D/ Check it aus.
  18. avernus

    Here I am in Abbey Road...

  19. avernus

    I don't want to say that he's a liar..

    But can anyone even verify that shit?
  20. avernus

    DJ stuff: American DJ XDM-352 Preamp Mixer + Numark CDN-24 Dual CD

    Yo. Anyone interested in this? €100 or nearest etc.