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  1. Goff


    A fair number of friends of mine are not on the register this time around, even though they have always voted. It seems a bit strange, but might might just be the usual beauracratic fuck up. They've already sent in their forms. You have till tomorrow.
  2. Goff

    Lockerbie fella released

    Jasus, balance from the Beeb. Thanks, Moose. (I tend to ignore the Beeb as a news outlet, after the report a few years back from independent observers re reporting on the latest Iraq War, stating that the Beeb were the most biased of the popular meeja owing to the fact that they a) had lots...
  3. Goff

    Lockerbie fella released

    No one gave out shite about Ronnie Biggs being released on compassionate grounds a few days prior to Megrahi's release. I haven't heard one word in the Meeja about the flimsiness of the case or a sniff of what deal the Intelligence Services made just to shut up the people who wanted to know...
  4. Goff

    No more spice burgers

    Anything to keep up the interest. Sales must be waning again. They should just make the recipe public domain now.
  5. Goff

    Campaign for official Turing apology gathers steam

    I'm with Mallards on this one. However, it's better than nothing.
  6. Goff

    meteor broadband

    A friend of mine had to hand his back, it was so fucking bad. Avoidance would be my advice.
  7. Goff

    Leaving the Catholic Church -

    Re: Leaving the Catholic Church Bell, Book and Candle is the only sure-fire way.
  8. Goff


    There are a lot of employers trying to make ends meet and all circumstances are different. You take Drogheda; I'll organise the Dáil.
  9. Goff


    Sunday does count towards the means-test. On Benefit (non means-tested) it also counts towards loss of employment. So, if you work three other days and Sunday, you won't qualify as you will have more than three days of employment. Although, if you work two other days and a Sunday, you will get...
  10. Goff


    There are a two different ways. There's Casual Work and there is Short-Time. If your hour of employment have reduced and you have at least three days of Unemployment, you may qualify for half - or more - of the weekly Benefit (Or Allowance - but that is means-tested - and wages can be taken...
  11. Goff


    It'll be easier to raise a mob in the next few months with the rate of unemployment ever-climbing.
  12. Goff


    That's nonsense. If the company can't afford to pay them, then they either lay the staff off, or reduce their hours. They should not be reducing their wages and getting the same (more in a lot of cases, due to the blackmail threat of lay-offs) work for less money. If they can't make ends...
  13. Goff


    IBEC have been canvassing quite blatantly to reverse Labour Law and the Government are colluding in it and trying their best to reduce wages (though not their own and their cronies') and reduce Social Welfare payments (this has already happened - No Xmas Bonus, Reduced Children's Allowance...
  14. Goff


    More people should be striking for their rights. This Government is taking the piss out of hard-won Labour Laws and is trying to tear it to shreds at the behest of IBEC. We can sit there and take it up the arse or we can do something about it.
  15. Goff

    Publisher To Pdf??

    Have you tried cutepdf or any of those free pdf converters? Basically you use them like a printer. Instead of sending them to the printer attached to the PC, you can choose cutepdf as a printer instead and it will make a pdf of the file.
  16. Goff


    I only shoot in RAW. I don't see the point of letting a camera make my compression decisions for me. RAW is a digital negative, more or less. Jpeg is a lossy format. If you save a jpeg, you lose more information each time you save. Eventually it will just be a pile of blobs, if you save...
  17. Goff

    video help

    Chromakey will only really work if the colours are consistent. You need to create an animated mask. Try this for starters: But do a search for animated mask in after effects on the...
  18. Goff

    Shell pays out $15.5m over Saro-Wiwa killing

    It's happening in our country, lads and the cops seem to be letting it happen. Crimes are being committed and no one is being brought to trial. It's getting worse and it's getting fuck all media coverage. At the very least, write to your local politico demanding an investigation into this...
  19. Goff

    i want to punch film in the face

    Handed in two rolls of film before, one colour - the other black and white, and both were "developed" as b&w even though I specifically reminded them that one was colour and watched as they wrote the type down with a large "colour" beside it. Fucking ruined it. And of Venice too. Thank...
  20. Goff


    Noticed the poster on your flickr and realised I really much check in more often on thumped. At least, the photography board. Brendan Dunne at the Parnell Street side of Capel Street is cheap and cheerful. And decent enough. Nice ow'flit to boot. And quick too. Brendan Dunne. 78 Capel...